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Where in the world are we headed NOW?

Where in the world are we headed NOW?
Where in the world are we headed NOW?

First, a quick overview to bury the lead 😉

The husband is active duty military, and so our location is pretty much dictated by Uncle Sam. He was first stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska where I joined him after our wedding in 2013. In 2015, we got orders to Washington state and have spent the last two and a half year falling in love with the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

But in 2018 we are now headed to…







Over 5 years ago on a hike we did in the area of Southern Arizona we’ll be living this spring.


We are very excited, and if I’m being honest, sad too. My stomach gets into knots thinking about leaving Washington. The people I’ve met, the community we live in, this old house from 1910 I rag on but secretly adore, beautiful Seattle, the mountains a short drive away, the Puget Sound…I am so sad to be saying goodbye. It was emotional leaving Minnesota and Alaska, and I feel like Washington will still be the most difficult goodbye yet. It’s a ridiculously hard thing to fall in love with places I live and leave a piece of my heart behind.


But I am trying to look forward and concentrate on the new memories to be made in our new home! We’re moving to a small mountainous community in Southern Arizona and I’ve already mapped out all the amazing things to do and see within an hour or two drive. I’ve visited twice before and Michael has lived here briefly so we’re familiar with the city. I have NEVER lived anywhere warm in my life. All three states I’ve claimed residence have touched Canada. I am so excited for hot, dry summers and hours spent soaking up the sun.


The BEST part of this move and what I am endlessly thankful for? My job is coming with me and I don’t have to search for a new one. The biggest, most stressful part of my last two moves has been the window of unemployment. I’m typically scared to spend a dime or enjoy the journey or purchase anything to make our new home feel at home until after I secure a job. I’m somewhat of a miserable unemployed person and get a bit mopey…so it’s a massive stress off my shoulders this time around.


The kicker about this move? It’s temporary. That’s right, we’ll be moving AGAIN before 2018 is over and we have no idea where. We keep things exciting over here. 


I had intentions of sharing our permanent change of station (PCS) guide when we moved from Alaska to Washington and how we prepped for a 44 hour road trip. Well two and a half years later and I never did get around to it. This time around I intend to follow through. Our PCS bible is a lifesaver for moves, and could be helpful whether you’re making a military move or a civilian move. 


So I hope you’ll follow along as we start over in a new place, once again. I tend to blog the most when I’m trying to acclimate to a new location so I’m sure the posts will be plentiful. In the meantime, I blame any lapse in posts on trying to soak up every minute left in Washington.


“I give you this to take with you:
Nothing remains as it was. If you know this, you can
begin again, with pure joy in the uprooting.”
― Judith MintyLetters to My Daughters



If you have any insight into must see or do things in Arizona or Southern Arizona – please share! Also how do you run in 4,000 feet above sea level?? And how often do you really see snakes in Arizona?! 

So many things to learn before April 🙂

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