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Where in the world are we headed next?!

Where in the world are we headed next?!

It’s not news to most that our time in Alaska is drawing to an end this summer, and it’s not news to anyone I talk to regularly that I’ve been patiently HAHAHA waiting for our next destination…

Well, it just so happens we found out what it’s 95% likely to be last night.

(Nothing is guaranteed in the military. Nothing. So I’ll try to be realistic despite my excitement.)

Neither of us expected the answer so soon, so when Michael offered to check his e-mail after dinner I barely noticed his suggestion. I’ve been eagerly waiting for months, so why would last night be any different? That was until after a long pause he slammed his laptop closed and launched up from the couch because….

We’ll be trading parkas for umbrellas permanently this summer. We will be headed to the Pacific Northwest just south of Seattle, Washington (Fort Lewis)!


To say I’m excited is the understatement of the year! This was on our wish list and the list of highlights is endless. WARM WEATHER. More urban. More job opportunities. More shopping. More organic grocery shopping options. More cities to explore in a reasonable driving distance. Warmer weather. More ocean. Still have mountains to hike and forests to explore. More beaches. Did I mention better weather?!

After 23 winters, this Minnesotan living in Alaska is so ready for an average January temperature of 41 degrees. FORTY-ONE. That’s above freezing y’all.

So stay tuned as I document the next crazy few months of moving preparation, and our next adventure in Washington!

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