What is it about Christmas music

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What is it about Christmas music

What is it about Christmas music that without out fail brings out nostalgic memories.

I should really be sleeping, but Christmas music is causing me to look at photos, bringing back some of my favorite memories and making my heart feel so full.

I am reminded in these moments how many times, over and over, I want to give thanks. Blessed is an understatement. I am surrounded by the most amazing people. My husband, my nieces, my sisters, my best friend, my parents, my brother-in-laws, my entire new family of in-laws, old friends, college friends, new friends, co-workers, my boss, the stranger at Fred Meyer who was worried about my tire being low: literally everyone.

How can I ever be angry, or sad? When I remember everyone and everything I have to be thankful for, I am ashamed at the moments I let the thought of a “bad day” or a “bad week” even cross my mind. I wish I could carry an everlasting gratitude with me at all times, especially in the moments where I want to be frustrated or unkind.

My best friend sent me some photos from my sister’s wedding back in June and I am grinning ear-to-ear as I remember that day. My wedding day just a week before (yes, you read that right!) was so busy and fast moving. It was a gorgeous day I’ll never forget, but there were so many big things happening, I lose track of all the little moments. During my sister’s wedding, I can remember all the tiny things. Like my husband serenading one of my good friends and throwing down his unbelievable dance moves. My niece absolutely refusing to smile for the pictures because large groups at that time caused her to clam up. My best friend and I splitting nonstop Mike Hard’s all night long. Chugging a Mike’s right before my speech. Watching my mom and grandpa dance together during the father-daughter dance. Everything.

It was such a perfect day despite having to yell at the florist (Maid of Honor probs), convince my sister to drink water and sit down so she didn’t get sick, and pretending I wasn’t frozen when the wind picked up during the ceremony. Watching my sister and her boyfriend of 10 years tie the knot was beautiful, as was their daughter snoozing just a few feet away, and the husband man sneaking peeks at me through out the ceremony.

Reflecting on this day during the holiday season when the year is coming to an end is perfect. I have so much to be thankful for and that day (and the weekend before) reminds me of all of it.


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