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What do you call yourself when no one’s listening?

What do you call yourself when no one’s listening?

The inspiration for this post is not my own, but from one of the newest Freshly Pressed blog posts via The Green Study. His post regarding what we call ourselves when no one is listening is really interesting to me. We are all human, and because of this we have a horrible tendency to consider mistakes failures and define ourselves based on how other people perceive us.

So when no one is looking, what do I call myself?

Well it depends on the day. Sometimes I’m a strong, beautiful, charismatic writer, traveler and lover of all people. Other days, I’m a failing, insecure, incapable girl who can never be good enough for anyone. It’s ironic considering I have a wonderful family, best friend, and boyfriend. I’m obviously good enough, right? Not everyday. No, some days I definitely feel I don’t match up to the amazing people in my life.

It’s so easy to get caught in that line of thinking, too. To just declare yourself a failure means you can give up on anything you’d like. When you consider yourself insecure and awkward, it’s easy to stop trying to be confident. Negativity and cynicism is a nasty cycle. You end up exactly like the adults he describes as “shit magnets filled with tales of injustice, transgression, and bitterness”. I know a handful of people like this. They’re really not fun.

So most days, I choose to be the strong, beautiful, charismatic woman. I like her much better. She makes for a much lovelier person to talk to, a much more beautiful soul inside and out, and easily makes the choice to be optimistic and not let negative thoughts bother her.

I think we all have the two types of people we call ourselves when no one is looking. Besides the “shit magnets” of course. The rest of us have hope though. The rest of us can choose to be the optimistic person with talents and strengths each and everyday. I think of it like this infographic:


It’s really quite simple.

Just decide to call yourself all your favorite things when no one is listening. Your mistakes and other people’s opinions of you don’t define or label you. You define you.

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