Wellness: Motiv Ring Review

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Wellness: Motiv Ring Review
Wellness: Motiv Ring Review

This topic is a bit off my normal blogging track, but I’ve had a handful of people reach out and ask about my Motiv activity tracking ring. With the holidays and a new year approaching, I wanted to get this full review up in case anyone was interested in a gift for a friend or for themselves. 

There were three main reasons I purchased the Motiv ring:  

  1. My new work from home position has made me want to be more aware of my step count and how much I’m actually moving during the day
  2. I want to track my workouts. I primarily workout at a class-based gym doing full-body, endurance based HIIT/Circuit and those can be difficult to track 
  3. I wanted an activity tracker I was actually going to wear


***Disclaimer: The only other activity tracker I’ve owned is a Garmin Forerunner 15 watch exclusively for running. I have never owned a Fitbit. Feel free to direct any questions about your current tracker in the comments, and I can tell you how the Motiv ring is different/similar***



The Motiv ring is $199.00, available in two colors, and currently only for iOS. Sorry ’bout it, Android users.

The company sends you a sizing kit to pick your ring size once you order the ring. You can try different fingers and sizes until you’re confident in your choice. They even recommend wearing it for a full day first before choosing. I picked a size 8 ring for my right ring finger. I needed a size larger of the Motiv ring than my wedding ring for my left ring finger. Not sure if they run small or if I have inconsistently sized fingers.

The price point seemed in line with other trackers I’ve reviewed and it was really nice to be able to feel it out before you made a decision on size/finger.





Since I wear a ring on my left ring finger at all times (marriage and all), and never notice it, I really hoped that would be the case for this ring.

Thankfully, it absolutely is. The Motiv ring is bulkier than a wedding ring, for sure. But after a day or two I honestly stopped noticing it was there. When I wear fashion bracelets I am constantly fidgeting with it or taking it off, so I knew I would never enjoy a fitness tracker on my wrist. I’ve also never found a bracelet tracker that was attractive or simple enough to wear all the time. 

This ring may be bulky but the rose gold color is very pretty and doesn’t clash with anything I own. I wore it to a military ball because I genuinely forgot it was there and it looks fine in photos.


For wearability I’d give it a 9/10. In a perfect world it’d be a smaller width and even thinner, so that’s the point I’m knocking off.




The ring pairs with an app for your phone via bluetooth and will sync randomly throughout the day, or to be really cool, when you spin it slowly with your hand horizontal. It’ll start flashing blue while you spin it and you can watch it quickly sync to the Motiv app. This makes me feel like I’m in Minority Report, so I do this often.

This is really seamless and I’ve had zero issues with the information going from the ring to the app. 10/10. 



Activity Tracking

Motiv’s activity tracking is my favorite feature. It’s great for tracking steps and workouts.

Its step count is extremely accurate. For the first couple of days, I gauged it against my phone’s health app (by carrying my phone absolutely everywhere) to compare steps and the ring was registering every step. Probably even more accurately than a phone just jostling along in my pocket when I remember to have it on me.

For activity, you can set your number of active minutes you’d like to hit each week and then the app utilizes activity cards to show your progress The activity cards pop up for any consistent activity involving steps. If it’s a consistent walk or run – not just shuffling slowly around the house from room to room – the card will typically just appear and tell you how much activity and steps you just accomplished. Very accurate for walks/runs.

Set your weekly activity goal accounting for walking and working out


Now for HIIT/Circuit Training – my main choice for fitness – the activity cards don’t automatically pop up. I’m jumping and pulling and squatting and lunging, not just consistently moving in one direction so it makes sense why it doesn’t. BUT that whole time I’m working out the ring is tracking my steps and heart rate. When I complete the activity, it’ll either ask me if I was just active based on my heart rate OR I can simply add the activity. For an activity, I am able to adjust the window of time, label what the activity was, and assess my intensity. Was it a piece of cake or did you max out, etc. I can also edit activity cards that were automatic if I disagree with what the ring assessed. I’ve only had to do this a few times, but it’s a really nice feature to lengthen or shorten the time of the activity if the tracking was off.

Add activity cards but clicking the plus side in the bottom right corner!

I love this feature and give it a 9/10. 


Sleep Tracking

The sleep tracker is the most inaccurate part of the ring. I’m also a lazy person in the morning and lay in bed scrolling through my phone for far longer than I should. Yes – it’s a terrible habit. I’m working on it.

Point being – it registers all that time I’m laying there as time spent sleeping. So when I first wake up it tells me how long I’ve slept and then when I finally stand up – it’s added x amount of time that I was still lying down.

This is a lie. I was “awake” at like 6:30!

It also doesn’t account nightly wake ups very accurately or monitor the way I’ve seen other activity trackers monitor with time spent restless or woken up. It just shows a chunk of time (that’s usually exaggerated). I am not a big fan of this feature and hope an app update in the near future could help with this. 4/10.


Heart Rate Monitoring


A basic feature that registers your resting heart rate while you sleep. If I have any alcohol – my resting beats-per-minute spike that night relative to the number of drinks I’d had. So that’s pretty enlightening. Giving this feature a 8/10 though because I haven’t yet found a spot in the app where I can just review my heart rate throughout the day, only if I’m sleeping or active.



The charge on my ring lasts about 2.5 days. It died twice in the first week because I forgot I actually had to charge it. Now I try to charge it every day for about 30 minutes when I have down time and that keeps it constantly charged.

The chargers are tiny pieces of plastic that I’m terrified to lose. They plug directly into a USB port and your ring magnetically attaches to them while charging. After a month of owning the ring, I can still tell you where both of the chargers are at this very moment. An incredible feat for someone who has lost a literal diamond from a wedding ring and every iPhone charger I’ve ever owned. The company says to contact them if you lose both chargers…so just don’t…

I’ll give the battery and charging an 8/10. I’d prefer something bigger that I’m less likely to lose, but it works really well.



It’s waterproof to a pretty serious depth per the guide that came with the ring. I’ve showered and washed my hands with it, ran in the rain, plunged into dish water, etc. I have had no issues water-wise.

In terms of what the ring can endure, I have already scratched it from using barbells and pull-up bars at my gym. I don’t know if you can expect to avoid this with a ring? That’s probably something bracelet activity trackers can boast about if ring trackers become a hit. I am a pretty low-maintenance person though, so some scuff marks from lifting doesn’t bother me.

I give the durability 8/10 because it’s doing great so far, but it is already scuffed/scratched and I’ve only had it a month.



I really like it. The Motiv ring does basically everything the website guaranteed it would and I find myself excited to check my app throughout the day and see how I’m doing steps and activity wise. I think it tracks accurately and fits comfortably which were the biggest motivators for buying the ring in the first place.

Things I’d like to see improved? The sleep tracking feature. Definitely. I’m not sure how those are measured, but just lying down does not equate to sleep. Also potentially a heart monitor throughout the day. If my heart rate goes up during a client call – I want to know why I’m letting this person stress me out, ok Motiv?

I’d definitely recommend a Motiv ring. At least until they release a tiny dot of a microchip that goes in/on your skin, I’d say this is the next best (least intrusive) activity tracker out there.

I ended up having quite a bit more to say on this than I’d anticipated (surprise, surprise). Thanks for reading! Hope to have a travel post up next week before Thanksgiving. Can you even believe it’s already that time of year?!


Til next time,



  • Alyssa says:

    Love reading your review! I’m thinking about getting one now. What does the app interface look like for step tracking? It seems like it’s more focused on minutes of activity and doesn’t show steps?

    • camilleblech@gmail.com says:

      Thanks, lady! The first screen of your app will list your steps. It lists your steps, miles, and calories. But interestingly, Motiv’s focus is your “active minutes” which you can change as often as you’d like. I think it’s nice to have both! Tracking steps and being aware of minutes spent “active” each day. The 4th image from the bottom (purple background) is an example of the steps and active minutes.

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