Travel Tuesday: The Pros of a Fairbanks Winter

Travel Tuesday: The Pros of a Fairbanks Winter
Travel Tuesday: The Pros of a Fairbanks Winter

I spend too much time thinking about all the cons that come with surviving this six month winters in Fairbanks, Alaska. While accidentally running a red light the other day, I had an epiphany. There are a handful of fantastic perks to living in one of the most Northern cities on earth.

The Pros of a  Fairbanks Winter

1. Running red lights is acceptable

I’m starting with this one because of my epiphany. While attempting to break for a light just the other day, the intersection was far too icy and I slid right through the yellow light that quickly flashed to red. This is not uncommon. Fairbanks doesn’t use salt on their roads. They attempt to use rocks, but rocks on black ice doesn’t accomplish much. Instead everyone who lives here knows that when the light turns green, just wait a couple seconds longer to see if anyone is plowing through the light unable to slow down. This is convenient for reasons I’ll insinuate but won’t write down… (i.e. no one in this town ever misses a light!)

2. Bosses pity their employees in the winter months

My boss wants his employees to have good morale. When we get to work and it’s pitch black and we leave and it’s pitch black, and the sun doesn’t rise until after 10 am and sets again by 2:30 pm all of December and January…he understands long lunch breaks. He understands when we need to just get out of the office during the couple hours a day the feeble amounts of sunlight hit good ol’ Fairbanks.

3. The Aurora Borealis

Those gorgeous Northern Lights dance across the sky from September to March every year and can be seen at least once a week if you step outside in the chilly evening hours. There is nothing quite like that light show. Even though I caught glimpses of it growing up, Fairbanks’ view is the real deal.

4. No bugs/spiders/snakes

No nasty, creepy, crawly, hissing, six-legged, eight-legged, no-legged, slithering, scuttling, creatures from hell. If there’s one thing I hate more than colder weather – it’s bugs. I freaking hate bugs. And yes spiders and snakes fall into the bugs category and they’re equally disgusting and I hate them all. Shout out to Fairbanks for being the most bug-free place I’ve ever lived!

5. Everywhere is a parking spot

Back to #1 with the no salt thing, unlimited parking is also a wonderful consequence of a Fairbanks winter. No salt = no snow disappearing. Snow and ice builds up and suddenly everywhere you can imagine is a parking spot, and no one is parking like a jackass because you’re also parking like a jackass. Did I mention I’ve never actually had to pay for parking anywhere in Fairbanks? Small, frozen town perks.

There are other pros to winter of course! But the above list is exclusively for Fairbanks. This city might drive me absolutely freaking crazy, but I am thankful for it when I remember this short list.

Cheers to my much warmer, bug-infested friends!

“The bad news — nothing lasts forever.
The good news — nothing lasts forever.”



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