Travel Tuesday: The Drive To & From Valdez

Travel Tuesday: The Drive To & From Valdez

Keeping it short tonight as most of my seldom blog posts have been the past few weeks.

Preparing to pick up and move your life is not always sunshine and butterflies as I had so naively hoped when we got our first duty station. It is stress and making mistakes while planning and spending money you wish you didn’t have to and arguments late into the night, and allllllll the stuff that people – including myself – hide on social media to make one’s life look perfect.

Well I am being a bit more raw tonight. No one wants to see the ugly parts in photos though, and frankly I do not want to remember the rough stuff so I’ll share photos of the good things instead. The things I take for granted, like these gorgeous views out of our car windows the whole drive down the Richardson Highway to Valdez, Alaska from Fairbanks.

DSCN1395 DSCN1397 DSCN1415 DSCN1423 DSCN1435 DSCN1451 DSCN1466 DSCN1468 DSCN1470 DSCN1475 DSCN1476 DSCN1477 DSCN1480 DSCN1492 DSCN1498

Worthington Glacier, Thompson Pass, and Keystone Canyon were some of the most incredible views I have seen in Alaska thus far.

I would highly recommend making the drive over to Valdez despite its distance from both Anchorage and Fairbanks. It was well worth the trip.

The pictures are a sweet reminder of an amazing anniversary weekend, and a nice push to enjoy the little things and the big views in Alaska with the time I have left.

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