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Superbowl Ad Favorites: Jeep, Budweiser, Oreo, & Dodge

Superbowl Ad Favorites: Jeep, Budweiser, Oreo, & Dodge

I was mostly all about the feels this year, and there were plenty of emotional advertisements to go around. I’ve heard conflicted opinions about my favorite, and though I do realize I’m biased, I’ll explain why I do think Jeep deserves the glory. In descending order:

4) “God Made a Farmer” – Dodge

It stopped you in your tracks. The entire rowdy room where I was watching the game went silent and for two minutes watched the incredible photography of our nation’s farmers narrated by that powerful voice of Paul Harvey, a famous conservative radio broadcaster. The story that unfolded was beautiful and when it ended with a Dodge truck next to a farmhouse, it was simple and not overpowering.


3) “You Can Still Dunk in the Dark” – Oreo

It was ingenious really, throwing up an advertisement during the half hour the Superdome lost power. It appealed to a huge audience of people scrolling through their Twitter feeds in boredom waiting for the game to come back on. It was catchy, creative, and got more than 15,000 retweets before the game was over. It also raised questions of whether social media is now a contestable force in Superbowl advertising.



2) “Brotherhood” – Budweiser

Because who doesn’t get teary-eyed when they see a beautiful Budweiser Clydesdale??? I’ve rode a horse maybe twice in my life and that doesn’t change the fact that I get emotionally reattached every year. I was looking forward to it all night. When the ending scene faded out, my roommates and myself were all blotting tears out of our eyes. It’s like the lion in Africa who recognized the man who’d taken care of him all those years ago. It deserves tears.


1) “Whole Again” – Jeep

Maybe because I’m engaged to a United States solider, or maybe because my empathy for families who’ve been through multiple deployments is so incredibly strong. ..I thought Jeep’s “Whole Again” commercial was beautiful. It shows the families; the children, the husbands,  the wives, the significant others, the grandparents, etc. They’re waiting. They’re hoping. They’re praying. By the end of it you can hardly tell it’s sponsored by Jeep. The PR part of me says uh-oh, but the rest of me is thankful for that. It’s not overpowered by advertising, and it’s not using the military for it’s own benefit either. If you do a little research you’ll find that Jeep is partnering with the USO to create a program called “Operations S.A.F.E. Return“. The program is providing financial aid and hands on support for troops returning from war and integrating themselves back into school and work.

That’s a winning advertisement in my book.

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