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So I joined Crossfit…

So I joined Crossfit…

And it may have been one of the bravest decisions I’ve ever made.

I have never been more out of my comfort zone then on the day I walked into the Fairbanks Crossfit Box (the gyms are called boxes, I still don’t understand) and decided to pay the crazy monthly fee for a gym I had no idea if I’d even like or get the hang of. But I was worried if I tried a class and felt uncomfortable, I wouldn’t follow through. I paid first, and on a bitter cold Wednesday after work, I went to my first beginner’s on ramp course.

Fitness is such a huge part of my life, and awesomely enough, my husband’s life too. Although I’d love to be one of those adorable couples that runs and lifts together, my husband does PT at 6am and occasionally hits the gym on his lunch break, too. The last thing he wants to do is workout a third time with me after he’s done with work. I, on the other hand, am not in the military so PT in the morning is out. Additionally it’s against my beliefs to wake up at 5am to run or lift anything. Instead we keep working out as an independent priority. Mostly.


I had joined Planet Fitness after arriving in Fairbanks but I was growing bored, and the cold was making me want to go home and cuddle with my husband instead of work out. For the weeks leading up to my first day of Crossfit I was dreading the drive to the gym as I tried to create new workouts each day in my head. Working out regularly when I had no warm weather or big event to prepare for is tough stuff. I was losing motivation fast, which is what led to me standing awkwardly in a gym made from a giant warehouse filled with men and women throwing weights over their heads and doing pull ups and burpees as record speeds as I watched in awe. I was relieved to find by the time my first class started, I was in great company with only two people in my class of ten or so with prior lifting experience. The rest of us had never tried lifting weights and had spent most of our days working out in regular gyms, running, or not at all.

In case you’ve been living under a rock and have not noticed this exercise cult sweeping the country. Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program focused on improving strength, cardio, and flexibility (according to Wikipedia and my new coaches). The workouts of the day target your entire body and have you breathing hard from start to finish. They’re quicker and take less time than at the gym because you are working so much harder, and I have learned after just three weeks: it’s addicting. Someone else is planning my daily workouts and the strength program, all of which change daily, and it has me beyond curious on my way to the gym what’s on today’s schedule. It’s hard as hell, but the environment is so encouraging. The coaches know my name. My fellow crossfitters are so determined to crush old records and better themselves, I can’t help but want to do the same.

Today for example was:

3x Thrusters
3x Kettle Bell Snatches (on each side)

Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes and if you couldn’t finish the workout within the minute, your penalty was 250meters rowing x the number of times you weren’t able to compete. Let me tell you, my heart was pounding with excitement when the timer started and everyone launched into the workout. By the end of the workout, my arms and legs were pounding with muscle aches.


Besides the physical challenge, Crossfit is also the first “thing” I’ve really joined since moving to Fairbanks. I don’t have too many friends here besides co-workers and the spouses of my husband’s co-workers, so it’s been both intimidating and fun to meet new people from the Fairbanks area who are as interested in fitness and health as I am.

My blog won’t be turning into a cross fit crazed, paleo loving girl. I couldn’t permanently give up pizza/pasta/bread even if someone was paying me. I mean, have you tasted pasta?

It is a ton of fun, a great work out, and I get to eat SO much food so I am going to recommend that anyone bored with their current fitness life or looking for a fun challenge give it a try! And no ladies, you won’t turn into some insanely buff body builder. Instead, you’ll be able to survive a zombie apocalypse and/or potentially even win the Hunger Games.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”
– Jim Rohn

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