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Shake, shake, shaaaaake it off

Shake, shake, shaaaaake it off

Ahhhh, it’s been a week since pouring out my soul about the little “rut” I’ve been fighting through and I appreciate all the caring feedback I have received from that post. I want transparency on this blog. I want readers to know me. The good and the bad. So thank you kindly. Xoxo.

In other news, it’s November 2nd.

My entire life I’ve had people telling me not to wish my life away, and as I’ve become older, I’ve gotten better at focusing on the present moment. Instead of just “x”ing the days off as I go towards an exciting trip or life event, I have learned to just get excited about the new day because it’s ONE DAY CLOSER.

November feels exactly like that. I’m brimming with excitement because I’m a month closer to a lot of exciting events occurring in the next year, but I know I have to enjoy this day. The next twenty-four hours are mine and it is a waste of a precious day to not focus on them.

Practicing mindfulness is a skill I sadly believe takes our whole lives to master, but taking steps to hone in on it daily helps.

It also helps when I get into those ruts. I can’t compare my situation to others or wallow in self pity when I’m concentrating on breathing deeply and remembering I’m alive. I can’t be sad when I focus on the food I’m eating and really taste each bite and feel how it’s nourishing my body. I can’t dwell on the future when I’m trying to pick out groceries, or running on a treadmill, or doing a TV shoot with my husband (all events happening today!). Today is good. Today is now.

It’s 7:26 AM and I am thankful for an extra hour this morning (did you turn your clocks back?!). I’m thankful Fred Meyers is going to be chalked full of Christmas decorations because I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS. I’m thankful I have this fancy new computer to type out this blog post. And as always, I’m thankful for my sleeping beauty husband in the next room who probably won’t even try to wake up for a solid three more hours.

Here’s a glimpse of a few more things that have been uplifting me the past week:


We were Sister Mary Eunice & The Monsignor from American Horror Story: Season Two.  We went out to a big Halloween party at an awesome venue in town and it was so much fun.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Afternoon drives with my favorite and red lips. I’m obsessed with red lips lately.


Outtakes from our Christmas card shoot. Michael found the perfect spot for photos but we had to do lots of maneuvering with our camera and tripod since we’re amateurs! The squinting in this is just lovely, isn’t it?


It was my sweet niece’s 2nd birthday! Her party is today and I’m hoping to FaceTime in when she eats her cake and opens my gift. Such a character. I was there 20 minutes after this little monkey was born and I pretty much bawled the moment I saw her, and it makes me tear up thinking she’s already two!


Last but definitely not least, have you heard T-Swift’s new album?!

Can’t. Stop. Listening.

I have never been a huge fan of her past work because I’m not a huge country lover, and she always seemed so innocent and whiny? This album is nothing like her others. She’s edgy, sexy, and she grew up. A lot.

I’d recommend Blank Space, Out of the Woods, I Know Places, and Clean. Oh and Shake It Off of course! The best possible jam to listen to when moving forward from rough stuff.

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  • I am loving your costume idea and I’m so happy you’re on the up and up since your last post. I can definitely relate to the funk one can get in when living in a less than desirable location, especially when away from friends and family. But your costume rocked and although I am not a huge TSwift fan I cannot deny the catchiness of her Shake It Off song, haha.

    Primarily Inspired

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