Saturday Stress Busters

Saturday Stress Busters
Saturday Stress Busters

Finally knowing where life is taking us the next couple years, but still stuck in our current location in a sort of limbo has left me with a lot of soul searching lately.

Mainly I’ve been asking myself this question over and over:

What do I want out of this one precious, and fleeting life?

We have been discussing locations near Ft. Lewis, what we want out of our next home, where I could work, where we could visit on the weekends, the hikes we could have, the cities we could explore, the people we see…

It’s so exhilarating and tangible now that the location has been verified a few times over by the Army. But I’m left pondering all these options. We got exactly what we wanted, and now there’s so many lifestyles and career moves I could pursue once we move. The options seem limitless. And anxiety inducing. 

Have I mentioned I’m a pro at stressing myself out? Just under 4 months out, and the stress has begun…

But I have to remember it is STILL four months away. There are still four more months that need to be lived in the present. Here. In Alaska.

So what is keeping me calm/laughing/in the moment this week? Here are few ideas for myself (and others) struggling to shake impending anxiety:

1. This video of Australians trying American food. It not only reaffirms my love for Straya and all its inhabitants (definitely on our bucket list to visit), but it’s hilarious. Michael and I spent a good portion of one of our evenings this week watching all of Buzz Feed’s “So and so tries this other country’s food” and laughing.

2. This quote

Human beings are works in progress who mistakenly think they’re finished. The person you are now is as transient, as fleeting, and as temporary as all the people you have ever been. The one constant in our life is change.

– Harvard’s Dan Gilbert at TED Talk 2014

3. This article from the Washington Post on practicing mindfulness. Such an important daily routine I hope to start incorporating into my own life.

4. This guy and our every weekend skiing/boarding trips. Skiing is quite literally the only winter activity I enjoy, and I’m getting fairly good.

In other words, I effortlessly ski squares and now attempt black diamonds without crying.


5. Running a 10K in 57:00 even this week after not having tried a 10K since last September. It was a nice reminder of why every muscle and curve I’ve gained since moving to Alaska is beautiful and useful and OKAY. It is also one activity I have to be entirely present for. I’m aware of my breath, my muscles, my form, my time, etc.

6. Writing down my thoughts and fears. Whether on this blog or in personal writing. I’m reminded that when I let it spill out from my fingers unto paper or a screen, I can process the anxiety and Let. It. Go.

They’re all pretty simple things, but doing any of the above keeps me present and aware; reminders I should be constantly living for this moment since none of my future moments are guaranteed.

What’s keeping you stress free this week? Physical activity (whether skiing or running) and laughing seems to help me the most!

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