Pancakes are distracting

Pancakes are distracting

I just consumed the best healthy pancakes I have ever made. And by healthy, I mean I’ve been experimenting with variations of flour-less, sugar-less, butter-less pancakes for a few months now because I LOVE me some pancakes, but I’m not a huge fan of the excessive calories, sugar, and white flour…and finally I think I’ve discovered one I could eat daily.

I used the 3-ingredient pancake recipe over at Less Sugar, More Spice as my starting point and then added and altered based on other pancake recipes I’ve tried in the past. Unfortunately, I can’t show you pictures because the USB & SD Card slots on my lovely, dying computer no longer work and I still am without a smart phone.

But anyway.

1 banana
1 large egg
1/4 cup peanut butter (estimated)
1/4 cup old fashion oats (estimated)
2 drops of Vanilla 

Pour all ingredients in blender, blend, and then pour on oiled or sprayed skillet to prevent sticking. Voila. Really amazing pancakes that maintain the shape and size of regular pancakes, are loaded with protein, and only use natural sugar. Although I poured a bit of low fat maple syrup on them once they were finished, but ideally you’d add more peanut butter or fresh fruit. I was just craving some syrup.

Added note: I don’t measure anymore. Having to live without measuring cups for six weeks and trying really hard to make all home cooked meals for myself and the husband man means I guesstimate. Therefore, don’t quote me on the peanut butter or oatmeal. Put in what looks right to you.

I don’t ever really blog about cooking or fitness, mostly because people dedicate entire blogs to either one and my blog covers so many random topics I never really wanted to dabble in that, but both are a huge part of my life. I was raised eating only home cooked meals and throughout most of my teen years my parents transitioned to mainly organic food. Really simple principles about “you are what you eat” and “if you can’t pronounce what’s in it, you probably don’t want to be putting it in your body” are why I strive to eat natural, nutrient rich food in my adult life.

Outside of sports teams, I really didn’t start trying to be fit until I got to college. I attribute a lot of it to the University of Minnesota. The day I got there I saw people constantly running, biking, rollerblading, playing pick up games outside of the dorms, etc. It was a huge motivator for me to get outside and do something. I started running outside a few times a week, feeling uncomfortable at the rec center because I hadn’t used most of the machines before. But it only took a few trips to the rec with friends, where using a machine incorrectly was a laughing matter instead of a reason to be embarrassed before I started using the gym too.

Now I have a membership to a gym in Fairbanks and go about five times a week to do a combination of cardio and strength training. I still try to go for one, long run a week because a run outside in the breeze with new scenery beats a treadmill any day.

Health for me is simple. I workout and eat healthy because 1) I want my body to last a long time and 2) I want to feel good about myself every time I look in a mirror. That’s it. No crash or fad dieting. No depriving myself. None of that. I’m not healthy to be “skinny”. I’m healthy to be happy.

And yes, I eat “unhealthy” food. I prefer homemade oatmeal dark chocolate chip cookies (Made these last week…to die for) to buying cookies in a grocery store, but I won’t say no to a good ol’ hamburger at a restaurant on occasion. Everything in moderation.

Except those pancakes ^.

This post was going to lead into a 7-word-autobiography I was inspired to do from Book of Words, but I got carried away talking about health so it looks like I’ll start and end with pancakes.

Happy Sunday!

“You are what you eat so don’t be fast, cheap, easy, or fake.”

– Unknown

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