Commitment is Incredibly Under-Appreciated

There I was, just like every other morning, scrolling through Thought Catalog reading the latest pieces of wisdom and advice from other 20-somethings when I came across my favorite article thus far: Commitment Is Sexy, Even In Your 20’s.

It was as if someone had taken the words right out of my mouth. Commitment is sexy, and it’s sad that we’re currently in a culture and generation of people who try to make it seem other wise. I’ve read Thought Catalog articles that encourage you to break up with significant others so you can truly embrace being single or else informing you on the number of people you should fall in love with in your lifetime. Some people in my own life seem appalled at the fact that I choose to have a boyfriend in college or that I’m a liberal who doesn’t flaunt the feminism flag by remaining single til I’m 40.

Thanks, but uh, no thanks.

I value my relationship, a lot. I value my boyfriend and the commitment we have to each other.  I think the author puts it best when he says:

“To me, there’s nothing in the world sexier than someone who loves you so much that they are willing to stay with you, even though they really hate you sometimes, even though they could easily pack up their stuff and move on. There’s nothing hotter than someone who knows what a total jerk you can be and won’t give up on you anyway.”

Damn right.

I get that the heartbreak we’ve all experienced and the growing divorce rates make it seem like commitment is overrated, but there are real love stories every time you turn around. My parents marriage of 30 years this next December is proof of that. If you’re perfectly content being single, then all the power to you. But if you’re only embracing it because being free and uncommitted seems like the newest, hippest trend…I might rethink how trendy you want to be.

I’m perfectly content with being in an “uncool” committed, long term relationship. Just don’t think for one second that they can’t be sexy, because that’s a fallacy. Someone who loves you is the most attractive thing on earth.

10 reasons you should not get out of bed this morning

I have been reading a lot of Thought Catalog lately, and it is quickly becoming my favorite thing to do with down time at work. Save for some of the particularly explicit articles that I usually try to scroll over as quickly as possible. Their thoughts with lists are my favorite, and tend to leave me in a state of painful laughter that can’t escape because I have a co-worker sitting behind me…actually working. But in honor of my new found past time, I decided to try out one of my own.

1) It’s raining. You can’t “enjoy the day” as my mother would say when throwing open my door and pulling up my shades all through junior high and high school. You also can’t get to work mowing the lawn, or doing any practical yard work as my father would insist. It is the perfect kind of morning to open your window just a bit and listen to the rain while you lay back down.

2) You were skyping your boyfriend until 5 in the morning. Long distance relationships across time zones require mornings not getting out of bed. It’s the perfect excuse to be a bum, and it means a great night was had reconnecting with the boyfriend after a busy week.

3) The above does not apply, you were actually getting drunk last night. If your story doesn’t quite line up with mine and you were instead downing drinks all night at a party or a bar, than you definitely have an excuse to throw a blanket over your head (maybe after you grab water and a tylenol?) and not get up.

4) Prime time to Facecreep. Self explanatory, and if you’re judging me – stop. We all know you do it to. You’ve been busy with working and friends all week so why not take a little time out of your busy schedule to scroll the Facebook feed and see what that-one-girl-from-high-school is doing this weekend or how many baby bump photos were added this week.

5) You need to finish that movie you fell asleep to Wednesday night. You know the one that you were all excited about watching for the first time in a long time but then you didn’t even have the energy to stay up long enough to finish it? The highly underrated Family Stone was my pick. I, of course, conked out mid that extremely awkward dinner involving Sarah Jessica Parker. If you’re clueless to what I’m referring to, then you should probably just go find it on Netflix and watch.

6) Time to break out the book. It’s still at the same chapter you left it at last Saturday morning and it’s begging to be read. Books need love to.

7) You should call your mom, or your sister, or your grandma. It’s a feel good task that doesn’t require changing out of pajamas or going anywhere. You know it’s been too long since you talked to any of them and they’re probably enjoying their Saturday mornings in similar fashions. Plus, they’re more likely to pick up the phone when you actually need them (work crisis requiring some serious venting anyone?) if you call to chat.

8) You timeYou should throw on your favorite tunes – I’m partial to my Mat Kearney playlist on Spotify or Mat Kearney station on Pandora – and take some time to think. Think about the past week. Think about the next. Pretend you’re in the shower, without the actually having to move part, and think about deep things, life goals, the next step. A calm, rainy morning without plans is the perfect setting for some serious reflection

9) More sleepYeah, yeah you already got your required seven to eight hours but who cares? How often do you get to look at the clock and not have a mini heart attack over how late you are. Stretch back, close those eyes and soak in another hour or two.

10) Because you can. It’s the first morning, in you can’t even remember how long, that you have no previous responsibilities and nothing to get ready for before noon. So go ahead, lay back down and relax. You deserve it.

“Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.”

Why public relations bothers me…occasionally

Drafting this blog post is probably a bit of a shot in the foot since I  created this blog to expand my academic and professional writing skills in the field of public relations…but once it became apparent to me that neither my writing nor blogging was flourishing, I had to re-examine things. I had to be a bit more honest with myself and with my writing.

For starters, I can’t write about things I don’t believe in or don’t care about. I genuinely struggle when assigned something I have complete contempt or disregard for. This doesn’t often happen because I’m some what of a nerd in the way that I find interest in most papers and reports I have to write. But when it comes to this blog, writing solely to help my professional life became…wrong. I never wrote for others. Not since I began writing exuberant stories as a kid. I always did it because I wanted to. Telling myself that I need to blog a certain way just to help my professional life, because someone else told me it would make me look like more of a potential candidate for job positions, I can’t agree with.

Yes, in the field of public relations showcasing your writing is important. But you should showcase what you’re proud of writing. I’m not proud of writing topics I feel forced to write, or withholding myself from writing things I shouldn’t. My third blog post on this blog blatantly demonstrates my inability to remain unbiased. Because I’m not. I have opinions, beliefs and topics I write about because they move me. My writing block for the past couple months has only made me question why I started this blog and if I continued it, the approach I should take.

There are parts of PR that really bother me. There, I said it. I’ll add as a discretionary measure that maybe this list can apply to many professional fields and not just public relations. But this is how I see it.

1) People pleasing. The amount of sucking up some of my peers do to professors, professionals, and people in positions they want makes me cringe. There is a vast difference between being a genuine nice person and showing people the real you, and just being so ridiculously agreeable and overly charming that people can see through you. I get that this field is about getting the public to see your company/organization/person favorably but maybe the whole reason PR has the reputation it does (deceiving, manipulative, etc) is probably because the public can see how transparently fake some are.

2) Online image. We had a guest speaker at one of our PRSSA meetings who outwardly asked us if we weren’t using Twitter to better ourselves professionally, why did we even have one? Well ma’am, I like posting quotes and witty comments and pictures with friends. Is that really so wrong? I understand this is the generation of over sharing on the internet but having to change all our social media to professional orient ourselves into the next job just seems…horrifically boring. Everyone becomes a replica of the next posting about the newest PR meetings, or tips, or tricks, or whatever else. Why do we have to be so focused on the next career move? I’m sorry, but there’s so much more to my life than my job.

3) Writing. I can’t write about PR. I can’t. I have so much more to say. My passion for writing will never become evident in talking about how I did at an interview or the best internship I had. I mean, maybe? But I’m tired of limiting myself. If I’m going to blog, I’ll blog about what I choose to.

The quote today speaks volumes to the direction my blog will go from this point forward:

“Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish.”

– John Jakes

A Dog’s Purpose? (from a 6-year-old)

I found this adorable article this morning and cried like a baby by the time I was done reading it. I love dogs. I have for as long as I can remember and I think it has a lot to do with how much my dad loves them, and how much my grandpa did. It’s always been a family tradition to have a dog, and I can’t wait to continue that tradition when I have my own family. Hope this little story warms your heart as much as it did mine:

A Dog’s Purpose? (from a 6-year-old).
Quote of the Day:

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” – Josh Billings



PRo Night 2012

Attending my first, official PR networking event last night was one giant learning experience. First off, I should have attended one of these things far earlier than the end of my junior year of college. These professionals have so much to offer, whether that’s advice or networking experiences or an encouraging word. These people were in our shoes, some of them just a year or two earlier, and they want us to succeed just as much as we do. So after finishing some incredible spicy chicken pizza from D’amico and Sons, we had seven minute mixers with a handful of PR professionals. Here’s the feedback that stuck with me most from the night:


1) Network, Network, Network. This field is about communicating with others and showing how well you can maintain relationships, so it’s no surprise that the best way to get your foot in the door for an internship or job is through networking. Stay in contact with people you meet and cultivate a two way relationship with them.

2) Write, write, write. If you’re not working on relationships in this field, you’re writing. So write, all the time, every chance you get. Showcase your writing skills in class, at work, and in your personal life. It doesn’t have to be PR related either (this was a relief to me). Write about what you know.

3) Timing can be everything. This was a bit discouraging and enlightening all at once. Just because the summer internship I was crossing my fingers for didn’t come through last week doesn’t mean something else won’t fall into my lap the next. Don’t be disappointed or give up. Things do indeed happen for a reason.

4) Any job/internship/opportunity is what you make of it. One of the PR professionals told us about her summer internship at a tiny food packaging company in suburb of the twin cities. They were using traditional PR, and had not even attempted to dabble in Web 2.0. She took the opportunity to develop a PR strategy and blog for the company, an experience she was able to showcase to future employers to get even better positions.

5) PR isn’t fluffy. I can’t think of any other way to state this last piece of advice. Having never really interacted with PR professionals, I was still a little unsure what the persona I may have to obtain to work in this field. But there were none. These professionals were themselves, each with their own personality and passion and obviously working for companies they believed in.


When all was said and done, I was inspired to start a list of things I wanted to improve on to gain an edge in this field. It just so happens that blogging more consistently was number one. I’ll leave you with my quote for the day,


“There are no failures – just experiences and your reactions to them.” – Tom Krause


Until next time!

Quote for Thought


“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.”


“Comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt

I’m still a little unsure of whether I’m going to continue a blog here on WordPress or switch to another platform. I’m actually unsure of a lot things at the moment but two things I am sure of

1) I need to blog more consistently
2) I need some optimistic, positive, inspiration because I’m been a little down the past couple days, so…




Like these? I’m obsessed. Go check the whole 365-day photo project here:

Quotes, Saying, Excerpts, Words

Call them what you want, but I am literally obsessed. It probably stems from a combination of my obsessions with people and the written word. Notice that I have a lot of obsessions. I think it’s because when I like something, I can never just like it. I love it, I put my all into it, I obsess over it. If you’re going to do anything in life, you might as well do it passionately, right?

Well I am passionate about quotes. I constantly have new quotes going onto sticky notes on my computer screen or on notes in my phone. I scrawl them down in class when my mind wanders and when I finally have a house of my own I want to decorate the walls with words. Pictures are great, but words are what move us. Words are powerful, life-changing, emotional, and inspiring. Every great moment in history has occurred because someone had the right words to say at the perfect moment. And I don’t just mean the speeches of kings, presidents, and generals.

Every marriage proposal on earth has needed the perfect words. When a beautiful, innocent life enters this world it may take our breath away for a moment, but within moments, it’s the voice of a mother that an infant hears. And hearing, “I love you” from a special someone for the first time in your life is a moment none of us ever forget…

So from now on, I’m going to include a quote with my posts, no matter how relevant or meaningful because I honestly believe we all could use a few more inspiring words in our life. For this particular post, I’ll include a couple of my newest finds.

“I sat thinking about how sad it was that people are made in such a way they get used to something as extraordinary as living.” 

– Jostein Gaarder 


“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.'” 

– Mary Anne Kadmacher


“I am going to tell you a secret. Every year many stupid people graduate from college. And if they can do it, so can you.”

– John Green


“I understand what he was doing, that he had spent four years fulfilling the absurd and tedious duty of graduating from college and now he was emancipated from that world of abstraction, false security, parents and material excess.”

– Jon Krakauer


“Do you want me to tell you something really subversive? Love is everything it’s cracked up to be. That’s why people are so cynical about it. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.”

– Erica Jong

And last but very not least is from my absolute favorite author whose words have kept me strong and hopeful during some of the hardest moments in my life:

“Maybe our favorite quotations say more about us than the stories or people we’re quoting.”

– John Green

I truly love words. 

To blog or not to blog?

That is the question, after all.

The 21st century, the introduction of the Internet as a means for the people instead of our leaders to control our fate, and the media 2.0 generation of tweeters, facebookers, and bloggers who are using all of these resources in every exhaustible way has made it nearly impossible to avoid the Internet for long.

I was raised at the beginning of the Internet generation, getting my first e-mail in my third grade as an assignment that taught us how to communicate online with our peers. Shortly after I entered middle school and the world of AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, and MSN Messenger. Then it was Myspace, followed by Facebook which quickly took over my life…and our world. Twitter was introduced to me in college and is currently my most used form of social networking, but through all of these was blogging.

I had briefly attempted “online diaries” in high school, but as most teenage blogs they were filled with angst and tears. After maturing, a bit at least, I flirted with the idea of blogging for my image. Joining PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) and attending career and intern session in my major, we were encouraged to write as often as possible regardless of publication, to not only get ourselves out there but to showcase our writing.

It seemed trivial to me, until I began to explore the world of blogging and how influential it can become. The number of people who follow certain blogs and look to others for advice, input, reviews, thoughts, and opinions. It was amazing to me how much blogging was not a diary any longer. It was more than just a past time. It was a job, a lifestyle, a soliciting tool, and a way to market yourself.

So, here I am in my first official attempt to blog. 

I am not entirely sure where it will go…but I have a strong feeling most of my posts will relate to books I read, quotes I hear, news articles that interest me, political beliefs I feel strongly about, songs I can’t get out of my head, experiences at my new internship, life as a college student, big city experiences, small town memories, and much, more more.

Here I go, diving in head first to the sea of blogging. Feel free to throw me a life jacket if I start to drown. As a full time student and working 25 hours week, I may be getting in over my head here. Oh well.


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