If you live in Minnesota

If you live in Minnesota

Please be sure to check your facts before you agree to change a constitutional amendment.

Please be very, very aware of what your vote for both:

1) Amendment One: The Recognition of Marriage solely between a man and woman


2) Amendment Two: Photo identification required for voting

will mean for hundreds of THOUSANDS of people.


They are civil rights issues.

Why do I think you should Vote NO?

1) Love is love. It is not black or white, gay or straight, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, what have you. Why should we limit the opportunity for people to love? To wed? What gives us the right to decide who can marry who? Marriage should be between two, loving , consenting adults. Period.

2) Identification may seem like a “basic” requirement, but you’d be surprised by the number of people this would affect. According to state records 215,000 registered Minnesota voters lack a driver’s license or ID.  Elderly citizens who can’t drive, military personnel serving overseas, towns that use absentee ballots because they can’t afford to pay for election judges the day of (MY town). Voting is a right that should be accessible by all. 

Please do your research:


College Students Rally, Oppose Voter ID Amendment



Or else just use your head. The right to marry and the right to vote are rights that shouldn’t be taken from anyone.

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