To blog or not to blog?

To blog or not to blog?

That is the question, after all.

The 21st century, the introduction of the Internet as a means for the people instead of our leaders to control our fate, and the media 2.0 generation of tweeters, facebookers, and bloggers who are using all of these resources in every exhaustible way has made it nearly impossible to avoid the Internet for long.

I was raised at the beginning of the Internet generation, getting my first e-mail in my third grade as an assignment that taught us how to communicate online with our peers. Shortly after I entered middle school and the world of AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, and MSN Messenger. Then it was Myspace, followed by Facebook which quickly took over my life…and our world. Twitter was introduced to me in college and is currently my most used form of social networking, but through all of these was blogging.

I had briefly attempted “online diaries” in high school, but as most teenage blogs they were filled with angst and tears. After maturing, a bit at least, I flirted with the idea of blogging for my image. Joining PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) and attending career and intern session in my major, we were encouraged to write as often as possible regardless of publication, to not only get ourselves out there but to showcase our writing.

It seemed trivial to me, until I began to explore the world of blogging and how influential it can become. The number of people who follow certain blogs and look to others for advice, input, reviews, thoughts, and opinions. It was amazing to me how much blogging was not a diary any longer. It was more than just a past time. It was a job, a lifestyle, a soliciting tool, and a way to market yourself.

So, here I am in my first official attempt to blog. 

I am not entirely sure where it will go…but I have a strong feeling most of my posts will relate to books I read, quotes I hear, news articles that interest me, political beliefs I feel strongly about, songs I can’t get out of my head, experiences at my new internship, life as a college student, big city experiences, small town memories, and much, more more.

Here I go, diving in head first to the sea of blogging. Feel free to throw me a life jacket if I start to drown. As a full time student and working 25 hours week, I may be getting in over my head here. Oh well.


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