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Happiness is

Edit that writing!
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Happiness is
  • Getting all the classes I needed for senior spring
  • Knowing in a week I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with my family + our new addition, my precious niece Maddy
  • My best friend telling me she bought her plane ticket to come home next month
  • That it’s almost time to start my month countdown to see the love of my life
  • Christmas lights in Dinkytown
  • Reuniting with old friends Thanksgiving weekend
  • Love Actually being played every, single weekend on multiple channels from Thanksgiving to Christmas
  • Texts that remind me how very loved I am each and every day
  • This quote:

“If you let other people’s perception of you dictate your behavior, you will never grow as a person.”

Your turn guys! Whether today has been as amazing as mine or you’re ready for it to be over, finish this sentence:

Happiness is…

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