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Foods that don’t taste better healthy

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Foods that don’t taste better healthy

Despite being in college, I like to think I eat relatively healthy.

I don’t just mean salads on salads on salads either. I mean I try to choose natural or organic foods from the grocery store and never buy things like frozen chicken nuggets (as much as I’d like to). I’m more worried about about preservatives than I am the scale thanks in part to all the home cooked meals I had growing up. We had frozen dinners so rarely I could count it on one hand.

But I have come to the conclusion that there are certain foods you can not buy organic or “natural”. Some foods just need to be eaten in all their glorious fat, sugar, and *gulp* preservatives.

1) Peanut Butter 

You can NOT buy certified organic or all natural peanut butter. It is horrible. I am not even going to sugar coat this. First you get to stare at a thick layer of oil on the top that starts to churn your stomach before you even take a bite. Then you get to go through the pain staking process of mixing it altogether which I kid you not I have witnessed my parents attempt to do this with a mixer they ended up almost burning out. Plus, it tastes awful. You can pretend that it tastes like health or your body is being benefited etc etc etc. No. Stop. Just buy the Skippy brand that pretends to be natural if you’re searching for a slightly healthier alternative.

This actually tastes good.

2) Soy Milk

Can’t. Can’t do it. I’ve heard all the stories about cow’s milk, even skim, being unnatural for our bodies and too fattening but I literally can not digest soy milk. I can’t explain this one outside of drink it for yourself. I’ve tried it in cereal and in a glass and it was bad. Almond milk falls into this same category. For the people that are lactose intolerant, I am glad you have an alternative! Fortunately I am not. I’ll have a giant glass of skim milk, please.

3) Plain Yogurt (or Greek Yogurt)

I have tried it with granola, honey, fruit, oats, peanut butter…and I can’t convince myself to like it. I can tolerate it, but why do that when I can just buy Vanilla Yogurt and eat it plain? In all honesty the consistency of yogurt kind of grosses me out sometimes, so if I’m going to force myself to eat it at all, I’m eating the Yoplait Dessert line. Sorry, not sorry.

Also unpopular opinion of the year: I KNOW Greek Yogurt with all that added protein is just wonderful for you or whatever, but I hate it. Its consistency is so thick it’s too much for me. I’ll get my protein elsewhere.

4) USDA Certified Organic Oatmeal 

Story time. In the fourth grade in our science class we had to raise a meal worm from hatching (I’m not even kidding) and the little container we kept them in was filled with oats that they could eat and frolic in because apparently that’s all they need.

Well regular Quaker oatmeal when cooked is fantastic, but organic oatmeal in all its glory not only tastes atrocious but for some reason is the only oat related food that brings back memories of meal worms. The combination of those two factors meant the only time I ever even attempted to cook this and I took one bite, I proceeded to throw out the entire box of oatmeal packets.

Outside of just my weird memory though, it tastes nothing like regular oatmeal. I would argue this could be worse than the peanut butter thinking back on it.


5) Tofu

Need I say more?

I would like to point out that there are plenty of foods I personally find taste better organic or all natural. Most cereal and granola bars I prefer natural, not just for the health benefits either (Go Kashi!). Annie’s anything is amazing, whether it’s Mac n Cheese, fruit snacks, or cheese crackers. Fruit, vegetables, and meat from farmer’s markets or local farms are also always better than the grocery store.

“Eat Clean. Train Mean. Live Lean.”

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