Food & Fitness Fridays: The lazy person’s guide to eating healthy dinners ALL week

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Food & Fitness Fridays: The lazy person’s guide to eating healthy dinners ALL week
Food & Fitness Fridays: The lazy person’s guide to eating healthy dinners ALL week

When I come home after a long day of work + my post-work workout, I’m always starving.

I usually stop eating around 1:30-2:00 pm during the weekdays so I can hit my workout hard at 4pm and finish by 5pm without feeling too full or too hungry during that time span. Immediately after working out, I eat something to recover. Protein bars are my usual go to, but sometimes it’s fruit, and other times it’s lunch meat. After I eat that quick recovery fuel, then I think about dinner.

When my husband isn’t home, I’m the laziest healthy person on earth. I regress back to the girl in her first apartment at 19 who on more than one occasion, put spaghetti sauce on a piece of toast and sprinkled some Italian seasoning and mozzarella cheese on top and called it pizza. I would eat cold green beans out of the can. I justified all of these foods by arguing at least it wasn’t hot pockets or ramen noodles. My roommates were appalled. Fast forward three years later and when I don’t have anyone to cook for – spaghetti sauce on bread sounds amazing. Anything that doesn’t require actual effort sounds amazing.

Since it’s a little less unacceptable now that I have a fully functional kitchen and am capable of cooking, I have created the perfect dinner variation that I will eat for days on end when I’m alone. Days.

Tell me your mouth isn’t watering.
My Sunday grocery list for my “super simple, healthy as hell dinners for a week”:

– 1 package All-Natural or Organic Chicken Sausage (Aidells is my favorite) – It’s so much easier to cook than raw chicken & already comes seasoned. Insert clapping emoji.
– 1 box Morning Star Farms Veggie Burgers – They have mushroom, chick pea, black beans, and more. Pick your favorite!
– 3 bags of frozen vegetables – California, Stir Fry, Dark Leafy Greens, etc.
– Make sure you have soy sauce, chicken seasoning, and Frank’s

Are you ready for this?

Step 1 for us lazy people: Either a) cut up a chicken sausage or b) crumble up a veggie burger.

Step 2: Cook choice meat and A LOT of vegetables in a pan with coconut oil. I use at least a half bag of frozen vegetables for every meal. Feel free to add another half a burger or half a chicken sausage if you’re feeling ravenous.

Step 3: Sprinkle chicken seasoning on meat/veggie mix, or use soy sauce if you’re feeling that. There’s really no rules, so do what feels right. Saute until veggies are soft and meat is cooked through.

Step 4: Put on plate, apply generous amount of Frank’s hot sauce (this may just be me) and eat.

Crazy simple, ridiculously delicious, and HEALTHY dinner that requires almost no effort. I have mastered lazy, health guys. I even had healthy dessert tonight! I am still debating whether those two words should go hand in hand…

I wanted to love it. I saw Arctic Zero on the top shelf of the frozen goods section at Fred Meyer and my eyes lit up with excitement. One hundred and fifty freaking calories for a whole pint. How could I not buy three immediately?! Even if the consistency was a little off I could pretend it was ice cream, right?

Uh, yeah. About that. Here’s my breakdown.


Consistency: A win for me. Letting it sit for fifteen minutes and then dipping in my spoon – it was a smooth, easily scooped ice-cream consistency.

Taste: Fail. It was bland, not creamy, and tasted artificial. The Mint Chocolate Chip was the best tasting between that, Cookies & Cream, and Vanilla Maple. Still not great. It wants to be sweet and creamy, but it misses the taste by a long shot.

Overall: The biggest plus for me is I got bored of eating it after a few bites. I’m hoping the three pints I bought will be a good deterrent the next couple weeks when I have the urge to dig into my husband’s 2500 calorie Reese’s pieces chocolate fudge marshmallow dream boat ice cream. Lazily taking bites of Arctic Zero may at least distract me even if it doesn’t fulfill my sweet tooth. The biggest negative for me? It didn’t sit very well. I wasn’t sick by any means, but my stomach was churning a little and I think that had something to do with the whey protein (which I never handle well). I’m not sure I’ll buy it again. To get a better tasting, better sitting ice cream, I’d take a few more calories.

Any suggestions for an ice cream that’s maybe around 300-400 calories a pint? Do you have any lazy, but healthy, dinners up your sleeve?

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