Food & Fitness Fridays: My Love Affair with Sugar

Deep sigh.
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Food & Fitness Fridays: My Love Affair with Sugar
Food & Fitness Fridays: My Love Affair with Sugar

How does one avoid sugar? How?

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And for my last meal…

I crave sugar constantly. I would exaggerate and say it’s a drug, but no exaggeration is necessary. Sugar is literally a drug.

I’ve tried the quit sugar cold turkey method. I’ve tried the allow it in small doses method. I’ve tried eating it whenever I crave it (all the time?!) method. Nothing seems to be able to change my relationship with sugar, and I’m at a loss.

If anyone has some fool proof methods to make me view sugar as disgusting and not worthy of my obsession, please do tell. Please. My ass will thank you.

In the mean time, here are a few tricks that have kept me from gaining 100 lbs from my love affair with cookies, cakes, ice cream, chocolate, and more. I’m no expert with a Victoria’s Secret bod, but I’ve stayed relatively fit despite this problematic habit of mine.

1. Avoid. Don’t buy sugary treats. Don’t keep them in the house or at work or in your car. Don’t walk by them in the break room. Avoid the break room entirely if needed. Don’t stop anywhere with an ice cream store next to it. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. The sugar can’t harm you if you don’t have access to the goods.

2. When unable to avoid, Distract. When my husband is shoving an entire pint of ice cream into his mouth at once – I have to distract myself from grabbing a spoon and joining in. Drinking water. Chewing gum. Mindlessly chewing on peas or carrots or any other easy grab vegetable with low calories and low regrets. Anything to DISTRACT.

3. Remember. I know promoting self love and body positivity are really important, but when one of our clients – A BAKERY – brings in bags of yesterday’s cookies for the office to eat I have to get real and remember why I’m doing this. Looking at photos of my Crossfit inspirations or other fitness gurus I admire helps remind me WHY I’m saying no. I’ll quickly glance on Instagram at Revie Jane’s latest ab-tastic post or even a celeb swimsuit pic. It’s brutal, I know. But it’s a great reminder.

4. Control. When all else fails – practice the one trait I’m hypocritical preaching about because it’s my weakest. Self control. Eat ONE cookie. ONE piece of cake. ONE cupcake. 200 or 300 calories won’t kill me or anybody else. Heck it may even fit into my macros. The whole I’ll-stop-after-one is usually where I fail miserably.

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I might have real abs if I could stay away from sugar permanently…

If you thought I was joking, I’m devouring a cup of cinnamon sugar pumpkin seeds at the moment. I’m justifying this snack because helllooooo pumpkin. Super food. I’ll ignore the butter and sugar it was doused in before baking…

If you’re looking for the perfect way to eat those health packed pumpkin seeds, here’s the recipe!

Also, I am excitedly typing this post on my brand spankin’ new computer. The keyboard works, the charger works, and everything loads in a timely manner so it’s better than any other computer I’ve had in the last three years.

Hope your weekend is filled with as little or as much sugar as your little heart desires!

“Unless life also hands you sugar and water, your lemonade is going to suck.”

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