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Food & Fitness Fridays: How To Eat Healthy Living with a Significant Other

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Food & Fitness Fridays: How To Eat Healthy Living with a Significant Other
Food & Fitness Fridays: How To Eat Healthy Living with a Significant Other

I like alliterations, if you haven’t noticed.

I know the last thing on earth anyone wants to think about on a Friday is working out and eating right, but keeping good habits in my mind as I head into my wild weekends (there it is again) is often just what I need, so maybe it’ll help others too!

This weekly theme could be one recipe, one workout, a review of a diet plan, or up to date look at my own food & fitness journey. I won’t go too in depth on why I’ve become a bit of a health food nut and fitness junkie, as I’ve touched on that here and here.

But health is a HUGE part of my life.

HOW to eat healthy with a spouse in the
I was probably telling him to only let me eat one piece of our wedding cake…

This week I want to talk about staying healthy with a spouse/significant other in the house. And let me tell you, this is not an easy task. Especially when you’re married to someone like my husband who can eat anything, and I do mean anything, and not gain a single pound. The man could live off pizza rolls, ice cream, and beer and I guarantee you he’d lose weight. He is one of those people.

My genetics, on the other hand, are not in my favor. I work hard for my physique, and most of my work is just practicing self-control around his nightly dessert cravings. Last night, I failed. He didn’t even offer me a spoonful of his Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.  I was the one who got up, grabbed a spoon, and ate a solid ten bites. My advice on this topic is a work in progress…

1. Eat Healthy Alone 

Every meal I eat that he isn’t around, I do my best to stay on track. Since he leaves at 5:30am for PT and I don’t leave the house until 7:30am (or later), we always eat separate breakfasts. When it comes to lunch, he’s never guaranteed an allotted time and I am able to opt for a schedule without a lunch break, i.e. shoveling in food at my desk in between phone calls and media buys. Two meals a day I eat solo, so I make them count. Breakfast is usually some variation of eggs, bacon, granola, fruit, oatmeal, or high protein waffles. “Lunch” for me is usually a couple small meals consisting of either an extra chicken breast I grilled the night before, spinach or kale salad, a veggie burger, sliced peppers or celery, various fruit, etc. When I don’t have to be tempted by his caloric filled snacks or pleading for a night out to a restaurant, I make sure I stay on track.

2. Consider Working Out Part of Your “Job” 

I started this habit in college and carried it over when I got my first full time job. I am an afternoon work-out girl. Not because that’s the perfect time of day for me (I’ve read mornings are better), but because I’ve made it a habit that part of my day or my job is ending it at the gym or going on a run. Once that’s complete – THEN I can go home. I tell family and friends I’m not done with work until 5:15, even though I technically leave my office at 4:00. Once I leave work, my day is not done. I still have one more job to do – that job is to workout. Getting into this habit has been incredibly helpful while married because my husband has learned that’s just an extension of my day. I leave in the morning and I don’t come home until work and working out is finished. Make fitness an extension of your job.

3. Eat at Home as Often as Possible (so you might need to learn to cook) 

I read this quote recently,

“Women and men should both know how to cook because neither feminism nor sexism are going to do shit for you when you’re hungry.”

And if that’s not the truest thing you’ve ever read – you have a terrible sense of humor and you obviously aren’t human. But seriously, learn how to cook and learn how to cook often. Yes, it’s SO incredibly easy to go out to eat and yes, restaurant food is almost always better because they slather the shit out of it in butter. But that buttery food will start to take residence in places on your body that you don’t want it too. I try to have a plan of what we’re going to eat every night, whether I’m asking him to cook or I’m cooking, so he can’t just look at me and say, “Do you want to just go out?”. I don’t necessarily plan meals, but I leave the grocery store every week with enough food to make a couple home cooked recipes, and then some easy things to throw together last minute – chicken sausage, chicken, DIY salads, etc.

4. Have Healthy/Low-Cal Treats on Hand. Always. 

I can’t live without sugar. I can’t. If you can, hats off to you. I can’t. I freaking love chocolate, marshmallows, cake, frosting, cookies, brownies, sweet breads, ice cream, etc. I am aware of this affliction, so instead of trying to avoid it completely and then ache with jealousy when he sits down on the couch with all that ooey-gooey, diabetic goodness, I try to have my own snacks on hand. Kettle corn, dark chocolate, fruit, and hot chocolate are all go-to’s of mine. If I can find the healthier version of something, I let myself have it. It’s better than trying to avoid it for days and then binging on a pint of ice cream when I finally give in. Then when he sits down with his treats, I can grab my kettle corn or dark chocolate and feel perfectly content*.

*I’m just going to add that I totally eat all of the crap I listed, but I TRY during the week to stay on track and only eat “healthy desserts”. I mean if we’re out to eat, I’m not about to say no to some delectable dessert…

5. Make Health a Priority 

This isn’t really so much of a tip as it is a fact. If you don’t make eating right and working out consistently a priority in your life, it’ll be easy to let yourself go when your sweet significant other is offering another bite of cake with those loving eyes and saying, “Oh babe, you’re fine. Just one more bite with me?” We’ve all been there. Those darn lovers of ours, seeing us in perfect light even as our clothes beg us to put down the fork. It’s not the end of the world to gain a little weight after marriage, but wouldn’t it feel so much better to look just as good as we did on the wedding day? Marriage can be a healthy balance of sweet treats and nights out, and all the healthy goodness, too!

15 months after saying “I do!”

Any additional tips for staying healthy while living with your significant other/spouse? Do you find it hard to say no to their unhelpful habits?

Camille Mae (2)

  • I can totally relate! I always watch what I eat and make it a priority to be active. But when D and I are together, like this summer we lived together for 3 months, its hard to stay focused. When we are together we are so happy and “comfy” its fun to go eat ice cream or eat a whole box of mac n cheese. And unfortunately cuddling is not a form of exercise. But we tried our best to get up early and work out together or go on a walk after work, we cooked almost every night. It is totally doable to make health another thing you and your partner can do together. Thanks for the extra tips 🙂

    • camillemae says:

      That’s such a good point you make that I didn’t even mention! Staying active with your significant other can make all the dreaded workout business a lot more fun. That’s awesome that you guys motivate each other to work out in the mornings 🙂

      And yes, it is so easy to just cuddle and lay around and order in! I have many days like this. More than I’d like to admit…haha

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