Food & Fitness Fridays: Current Workout Routine

Food & Fitness Fridays: Current Workout Routine

The first two months of 2015 have seriously been a blur. 

Between a car wreck (I am okay!), a trip home to Minnesota, some cold weather issues with our rental duplex, the absence of my husband for five weeks, and a cold streak that almost drove me to insanity…

Let’s just say I’m glad it’s March on Sunday! 

Working out and eating healthy was fairly sporadic for me in January, but February has been significantly better. I’m hoping warmer weather, less snow/ice, and the amazing news we received last week will continue to motivate me through March. 

After some confusion about what to do regarding fitness, I have somewhat of a routine down that is maintaining my current weight and keeping me in shape. I’m not right where I want to be, but I’m content for now. 

Post workout – Forgive my hair

I am hoping to do a few 5K’s and a 10K before we leave Alaska, so this is running oriented. This schedule is straight forward and can be done by anyone with a simple gym membership (Planet Fitness, Gold’s Gym, etc.).


Cardio: 3x Runs + 1x alternative cardio day / Week

1 run for distance
Currently averaging 4 to 5 miles currently, working my way up to 6, 7, and 8 mile runs by this summer.  

1 run for time
Currently a 5K as fast I can run it. 26:40 is my time to beat. 

1 interval run
At least 3 miles doing various interval runs. Example: Run 1 minute at 7:30 pace, then walk 45 seconds at 15 min pace.

1 cardio day using stair machine, elliptical, or stationary bike
I prefer the literal stair machine with the moving stairs you have to climb. Do that for 20 minutes or 100 floors. You will be covered in sweat.

Strength: 3x / Week – 

Leg Day
In combination with any of the above cardio days. Leg day consists of squats, deadlifts, abductor/adductor machines, leg press, etc. 

Arm Day
In combination with any of the above cardio days. Arm day consists of dumbbell workouts, bench press, dips, holds, push ups, etc. 

Nike Training App Day
I can not say enough good things about this app. It’s easy. It shows you how to do every movement and you can pick workouts to target body areas. I do either one 30 minute workout, or two 15 minute workouts focusing on certain areas of the body. This app is GREAT for days I can’t (or won’t) get to the gym. 

Yoga: 2x / Week –

I pair yoga with Nike Training App days and active rest days to give me a little more movement and flexibility on days I’m not going to the gym! Yoga by Adriene is my favorite YouTube resource for yoga practices. 

Active Rest Day

Skiing/Hiking/Excessive Yard Work or Walking
I try to workout 5 times a week. Occasionally I hit six days, but more often than not I sub a gym day for an active workout day. I rather go hiking or skiing with my husband than hit the gym anyway, so I’m more likely to take these days when he’s home! 

Rest Day

Once a week I tend to do nothing. And by nothing, I mean nothing. It’s usually the day I’m the most sore or in the worst mood. 


The most important thing I have learned from creating my own workout schedule again and not going to classes with other people is NOT to schedule each workout on specific days. I never say to myself “Mondays are long run days” and “Tuesdays are leg days”. I used to get so disappointed if I didn’t achieve the workout I had planned – so I approach it differently now.

I think about everything I need to do that weeks: 4 cardio days with at least 3 runs, 3 strength sessions, 2 yoga practices, 1 active rest day. Then I cross it off as I go. I let my body decide what it’s ready and willing to do each day from that list. Sometimes I get my least favorite things out of the way first, and sometimes I save them for the end to torture myself.

I know this isn’t a conventional workout plan if you’re running a race in the near future or preparing for some weightlifting competition, but I’m not currently focusing on one goal. I am just trying to stay in shape and enjoy fitness. I will force myself to work harder closer to that 10K and when we leave for Washington, but for now, just maintaining is good enough for me.

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