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Food & Fitness Friday: Making Reasonable New Year’s Resolutions

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Food & Fitness Friday: Making Reasonable New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the 2nd, so if you’re like me your New Year’s Resolutions are already dutifully typed or written out awaiting completion (or failure) in the year ahead.

And if you’re not like me, your list is blank. Actually you don’t even have a list. Resolutions are pointless. You’re tempted to stop reading.


Either way – hear me out!

I used to make resolutions along the lines of “lose 10 lbs” and “avoid all sugar”. I’d lose maybe 4 lbs that year and definitely eat way too much sugar feeling discouraged when the year month drew to a close. For health and fitness resolutions last year, I wrote down just one:

“Join Crossfit and try it out for at least 6 months”.

It was simple. Straight forward. Reasonable. And I made it happen. Pick a resolution that’s attainable. Making a resolution to join a fitness class near you that you’ve been too hesitant to follow through with is a great resolution. Fitness classes are a commitment; a monthly fee that you feel guilty about paying without attending. Committing to run a 10K or Half Marathon or even a 5K is another reasonable resolution. You decide, you commit, you pay for the race, and you have to do it.

Want a food resolution that isn’t “no sugar”, “eat healthy”, “eat out less”? Commit to eating out no more than twice a week. Once you hit two meals out, all other meals have to be homemade. Or commit to learn one new recipe a month. Or commit to only putting one junk food item in your grocery cart every week. Just one you have to savor all week long.

Stop telling yourself to “lose weight”, “work out”, and “eat healthy”.

This year, write down:

1. Join those barre fitness classes I keep walking by every day
2. Eat out no more than 3x / week

My own health resolutions for 2015 are:

1. Run at least 10 miles every week (cumulative)
2. Practice self control when eating socially. Pick healthy options when out with my husband or at a get together with friends. Low-cal alcohol, salads, vegetable apps, etc.

The first one is a personal challenge I know I can accomplish with a little motivation. The second resolution is incredibly difficult for me. I am awesome at eating healthy when alone or at work. It’s when I’m surrounded by loved ones I seem to indulge in cookies, pastas, sugary alcohol, and the like. When I’m in those situations in 2015, I want to at least have healthier food in front of me to absentmindedly eat.

The second resolution will seriously be put to the test on my first vacation of 2015. When in Minnesota, I intend to order salads on salads on salads. Except for breakfast. If I’m at a brunch or doughnut shop I don’t intend to mess around…

Creating specific, defined health & fitness resolutions makes it more likely we’ll follow through with them for the whole year instead of  just the first two weeks. Make reasonable resolutions this year. Resolutions you can feel good about accomplishing when 2016 rolls around.

“We are what we repeatedly do.”

Camille Mae (2)

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