Food & Fitness Friday + A little life lesson for the planner in me

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Food & Fitness Friday + A little life lesson for the planner in me
Food & Fitness Friday + A little life lesson for the planner in me

What’s that saying, again? We plan, God laughs.

I am not religious, but I believe in this sentiment with unwavering faith. I’m a media planner. Planning is my life. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m unnaturally good at it. I sent my mom an e-mail on Monday about how optimistic I was regarding the next few weeks while my husband is off training. I sent her an extensive list for everything I hoped to accomplish and all the fun activities I’d be partaking in during this time…


Tuesday morning I woke up and could barely get out of bed, speak, swallow, or eat. A severe sore throat, a fever, a cough, and an exhaustion that knew no limits had hit me like a ton of bricks.

It’s now Friday.

I’m posted on my deck with a cup of hot tea, a glass of cranberry juice, and my computer. The autumn leaves are still beautiful and bright. The crisp fall air is still tolerable to be outside in a sweater and jeans. It’s a nice Friday evening.

Except, I haven’t been to Crossfit or ran all week. I have failed to clean anything in the house. My foster dog who I’ve grown unfortunately close to due to snuggles and loving on this sick week leaves tomorrow. I couldn’t attend a last minute concert in Fairbanks (of a band I actually know and love!!!!). The 7 mile hike and yoga for tomorrow is out.

This actually isn’t a poor me post, I swear……..

It’s a “We plan, God laughs” post, or “Buddha” or “Allah” or whoever we’d like to think is up there cackling chuckling at us. My childhood wonder says there’s a life lesson to learn here; a reason why all my plans were demolished. My adulthood logic says sh*t happens.

The only thing I did accomplish this week is eating healthy, and that glimmer of hope leads into the only thing I can write about honestly this week…

1. Don’t work out. I like to push myself to do things. All things. I push myself to do well on client’s campaigns, to accomplish a certain number of things on the weekends, and to workout a specific amount each week. I have a really hard time deviating from these “plans” I’ve pushed on myself. Logically, when I can’t attend work due to illness I do not let myself go to the gym. Seems obvious, right? Well even when I did get back to work this week after two days spent on the couch, it took a lot of hearing “DO NOT WORK OUT” from my mom, my best friend, and my co-workers to keep my butt from racing right back there. I was still coughing, still constantly needing Kleenex, and still exhausted. I had to force myself to keep driving past the gym yesterday and today. Do not work out if you’re still sick. Take it easy. Walk. Do slow yoga at home. Relax.

2. Don’t eat poorly just because you feel awful. It’s so easy. The easiest thing in the world is to buy a quart or gallon of ice cream and eat it all in one sitting because my throat hurts. Make better choices. Grab the frozen fruit pops. Pay the extra for the unique brand organic chicken noodle soup or beg someone to make it homemade because do you know how much sodium is in Campbell’s?!?! Fruit is always a superb choice, especially all the options chalked full of vitamin C. Meat gets pretty unappetizing for me when I’m sick so I’ve been eating peanut butter toast and quinoa for protein the last couple days. It’s completely possible to keep eating healthy if I don’t give myself excuses.

3. Remember everything your mom, or grandma, or doctor told you.
Stay hydrated. Drink lots of tea. Sleep ridiculous amounts. Use the herbal and all-natural remedies that you grew up with or have suggested to you (within reason of course). Remembering these seemingly simple things while your body fights the illness will get you back to full health, back in the gym, and back to eating all the foods you should be and want to be – sooner! I am crossing my fingers that by the end of this weekend, the cough, runny nose, and tiredness will be gone.

I have planned (I plan my free time, completely normal) to take it easy this whole weekend. I have a brand spanking new pair of Reebok Nano 4.0’s sitting on my kitchen table and they are aching to be used, but I think they will get the best use Monday when I’m 100% healthy. Fortunately for me, I don’t think my new weekend “plans” can get ruined!

Hope you all have a stellar weekend more exciting and health filled than mine! But if not, cheers to getting healthy, too much Netflix, and sleeping in.

Camille Mae (2)

***I am not a nutritionist/doctor/expert. I am just a gal passionate about healthy eating and fitness. Take all personal experience and advice as opinions!

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