Electronic Difficulties

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Electronic Difficulties

I broke my phone…again.

I don’t mean to repeat a topic that I’ve already covered, but I also didn’t mean to break my 5th (give or take) phone yesterday either.

There I was relaxing on the beach, the lakeshore kind of beach for those select people who remind me I’m over a 1000 miles away from the closest “real” beach, when my friend and I decided we were sweating enough to take a quick swim. We returned within five minutes because the water was freezing – even on a ninety degree day this is still Minnesota – and what do I find but my water bottle dripping away in my beach bag on to my cell phone. I grabbed it out of there as fast as I could but the flashing, twitching lights of the screen had basically sealed it’s fate.

I took the battery out, dried it off with my sundress, laid it into the sun, carefully brought it all the way home, put it in a bowl of rice, waited until the next morning, and finally turned it back on to find that yes – the phone was still broken.

This is the point where I should probably explain that I have issues with electronics. Serious issues. The phone before this? Oh, even better. It’s December 24th and I’m headed up north with my boyfriend for family Christmas. We decided to stop at a gas station to get some rations for the two hour drive, no big deal. We get back into the car and find a little over a half hour later that my phone is missing. Gone. Not in the vehicle. I can see the eye roll from the seat next to me and before I know it he’s turning the car around and heading straight back to the convenience store. We get there and what do you know! There’s my phone, in about 12 pieces, after being ran over because I dropped it getting back into the car -.-

The one before that? Shattered when it hit a tile floor while doing my hair and texting.

Before that? Dropped from a lofted bed in my dorm.

Before that? Toilet.

Before that? Toilet again.

You can’t make this stuff up. Oh and the list goes on. I vaguely recall at least one other incident with water in some form (okay we’re past five now) and possibly another occasion where the floor won; these are back in early high school though and I’ve blocked most of that out.

Don’t even get me started on cameras. I went through 5, yes 5 cameras in a period of about 18 months. My ability to wreck, lose, damage, and virtually destroy every electronic item I own is amazing. Seriously impressive. There has got to be some sort of award for this.

The only thing I can be thankful for is the trusty Samsung flip phone my parents have had to borrow the last four times. It has 9 keys for dialing, a Send and End button, a camera that makes everything look like a giant blob, and the ability to text. The phone is a champ and thankfully has not suffered any damage between transitions. Knock on wood.

I’ve learned not to fret about all the saved text messages I lose, the contacts that so often disappear, and all the fancy tricks my other phones can do. All I truly need is this ancient Samsung. It calls and sends texts to all the people who are important enough that I keep their numbers memorized. It’s simplistic, but enough. It reminds me to be thankful I have any sort of phone at all.

Maybe there’s a lesson to be learned from my incessant electronic issues after all.

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