Defining “Wellness”

Defining “Wellness”
Defining “Wellness”

For a very, very brief period I thought my interest in health and fitness could translate into blogging about food and workouts. Ha. Ha-ha-ha. No.

I realized quite quickly I don’t want to create my own workouts or recipes…? Lucky for me, and you, that corner of the blogging market is extremely saturated. There are tons of ab rocking ladies who will show (and sell) you their workout plans, and lots of others who are incredible in the kitchen and spend hours recipe testing.

I literally just ate three slices of deli turkey and a third of a cauliflower head dipped in guac for dinner. Last night was a whole cooked beet, a nectarine, more cauliflower with guac (stop shaking your head and try it), and more deli meat. I’d describe my eating style as “bizarre grazer”, especially when the husband isn’t around. When it comes to recipe creation, I don’t think whatever-I-literally-don’t-have-to-cook-and-can-eat-basically-raw qualifies…

So yeahhh, that dream was short lived.

Yet, I still feel passionate about how working out relieves my stress and makes me feel strong and happy. Despite my food intake sometimes being odd, I loved how I’ve reached a point where I eat what makes my body genuinely feel good. Sometimes that’s liquor and a donut. But more often, it’s greens and lean protein and fruit.

I also am interested in mental health because wow are these conversations so neglected. I find it so rare to read personal testimonies or blog posts about feelings of inadequacy and anxiousness and stress, and how to relieve these things. How to cope and maybe even sometimes, overcome.

I came to terms with the fact that it was never recipes and workouts I wanted to write about. It’s wellness. It’s my perception of personal wellness. And yours, too.


What is wellness?


The World Health Organization describes it as,

“…a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”


The National Wellness Institute says there are six dimensions of wellness, which you can read in full here. Other sources argue there are seven, eight, and even nine dimensions to personal wellness.

I look at wellness from a more basic perspective. I believe it’s simply taking a mind, body, and soul approach to your health, and considering them all equally important. That last part is key.

  1. Happy hour laughing with friends over a drink and fries? Spending quality time with my husband on the couch watching Netflix? Making time to reflect on my day or meditate? Soul fulfilled.
  2. Hitting the gym? Going for a run? Eating fresh, wholesome foods? Body fulfilled.
  3. Having a job that contributes to society and makes me feel accomplished? Using reading or writing to distract myself from anxious thoughts?  Mind fulfilled. 

To me, wellness is about finding the balance. It’s avoiding placing excessive value on any one part of your health. Only focusing on social fulfillment, or only focusing on school/work, or only focusing on eating healthy/working out, etc.

For example: Abs are cool, but I personally have discovered the effort for me to get them, is not worth the sacrifice. I don’t want to say no to every social event and even my own husband when he asks to treat me to dinner just to eat boiled chicken and broccoli for every meal to achieve abs. I prefer balance…


I view wellness as an on-going journey to achieve a state of healthiness in all aspects of your life.


Where am I getting at with all this?


If I’m not writing about travel or marriage on this space of mine (and let me just quickly add I don’t have infinite finances to constantly travel or a husband who wants me to divulge every detail of our relationship so I occasionally need new material) I want to write about wellness.

Not 10 leg exercises you can do in your living room. Not a recipe for broiled chicken avocado super squash sunflower saffron salad. Not a how to guide on the thigh gap.

I want to share how I’ve struggled with anxiety throughout most of my life and how I’ve coped with it. I want to write about how training for a half marathon was one of the most challenging, but empowering things I’ve ever done. I want to talk about how I try to live with a 80/20 mentality on healthy eating, and how I’ve moved away from a damaging cycle of counting calories and rule ridden eating.

I would love for future blog posts on wellness to be more of an open forum, too. Share your stories if you can relate. Give me your thoughts if you don’t agree. I would guess the definition of health and wellness is a bit different for each and every one of us…


“Become one with yourself. When your body says something, listen to it. When your mind is burnt out, respect that. We can either work with or against ourselves; you choose which route you’d like to take.”


Hiking & nature is the culmination of mind/body/soul wellness for me.



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