Commitment is Incredibly Under-Appreciated

Commitment is Incredibly Under-Appreciated

There I was, just like every other morning, scrolling through Thought Catalog reading the latest pieces of wisdom and advice from other 20-somethings when I came across my favorite article thus far: Commitment Is Sexy, Even In Your 20’s.

It was as if someone had taken the words right out of my mouth. Commitment is sexy, and it’s sad that we’re currently in a culture and generation of people who try to make it seem other wise. I’ve read Thought Catalog articles that encourage you to break up with significant others so you can truly embrace being single or else informing you on the number of people you should fall in love with in your lifetime. Some people in my own life seem appalled at the fact that I choose to have a boyfriend in college or that I’m a liberal who doesn’t flaunt the feminism flag by remaining single til I’m 40.

Thanks, but uh, no thanks.

I value my relationship, a lot. I value my boyfriend and the commitment we have to each other.  I think the author puts it best when he says:

“To me, there’s nothing in the world sexier than someone who loves you so much that they are willing to stay with you, even though they really hate you sometimes, even though they could easily pack up their stuff and move on. There’s nothing hotter than someone who knows what a total jerk you can be and won’t give up on you anyway.”

Damn right.

I get that the heartbreak we’ve all experienced and the growing divorce rates make it seem like commitment is overrated, but there are real love stories every time you turn around. My parents marriage of 30 years this next December is proof of that. If you’re perfectly content being single, then all the power to you. But if you’re only embracing it because being free and uncommitted seems like the newest, hippest trend…I might rethink how trendy you want to be.

I’m perfectly content with being in an “uncool” committed, long term relationship. Just don’t think for one second that they can’t be sexy, because that’s a fallacy. Someone who loves you is the most attractive thing on earth.

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