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April in Fairbanks (so basically still winter)

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April in Fairbanks (so basically still winter)
April in Fairbanks (so basically still winter)

First, press play to the above song. This has been my jam this month so it feels appropriate to be the soundtrack of today’s rambling.

Oh April, you are such a tease no matter where I live. My Kindergarten teacher swore to me that April showers bring May flowers, but in my twenty-three years on this earth I have spent all my Aprils wondering when the snow will end.

This morning for example:


I am not particularly mad about it. In all honesty, it gave me a fantastic excuse to move straight from my bed to the couch. Productivity can wait when mother nature brings snow showers instead of rain showers in April.

Yesterday morning was equally ugly outside, but I had signed up for a 5K with a friend. It was the iciest run I have ever attempted. For a half mile I literally skated my shoes across the sheets of ice covering the road instead of picking up my feet. Fun times.

I still managed to finish in 26:45. That’s a new personal record for a 5K race, but I had done practice 5K’s prior to this race that were almost a minute faster. Hopefully the next 5K I attempt won’t be littered with icy patches of death.

My friend is a member of Team Red White and Blue, so by default I had some awesome people cheering me on when I finished. Team RWB helps connect veterans to the community through physical and social activity. The organization meets up before races and often runs together or if someone finishes early, turns back around to help encourage others running.

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Free sub sandwiches after the race along with a mixed drink made the windy, snowing 30-degree run worth it.

ALSO, these babies.

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I have wide feet that cause pain in my metatarsal joint. Okay FINE, I have bunions. Such a gross word for a bone that simply bumps out more than it should due to genetics. These Mizuno Wave Inspire’s are the first pair of running shoes with a wide enough toe box that I feel zero pressure on that joint when I run. I am in love with these.

Excluding this weekend, April has been warm enough to run outside and to GRILL! I love the taste of grilled food plus Michael loves grilling. It is a win for all in our house.

For Easter my cutie husband made steak for him and shrimp and vegetable kabobs for me after a long day of skiing. Yes, you read that right. We spent Easter skiing before retiring home to use the grill in our snowy backyard.

April in Fairbanks, Alaska everyone.

IMG_0349 IMG_0350

The absolute best way I have been coping with April here is a “wine and painting night”. Creativity for me has always existed in the written word. I only got an A in my mandatory 9th grade art class through equal parts pity and writing an extra credit report on the history of Picasso. BUT with a few glasses of wine, I have rediscovered a new love for art…

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I didn’t say I was good.

I just said I discovered a new found love.

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I also love drinking wine.

April – you have not been half bad so far. I am hoping the rest of the month brings rain to wash away the snow, more laughs, more wine, more running, and a long, muddy hike with the husband to officially welcome break up season (and inevitably summer!). 

“”April is a promise that May is bound to keep.”

– Hal Borland

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