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Apps, Data, Storage. OH MY.

Apps, Data, Storage. OH MY.

I have an iPhone! It’s official. To all my friends who have had a smartphone for at least two years, please forgive my constant badgering to download certain apps and play a game of Words with Friends. It’s just all so exciting. From Expedia’s app that allows you to adjust your window seat view while it loads flights to step-by-step workouts in slow motion gif format via the Fitness Buddy app. Who knew such a small piece of technology could be so intelligent?? Oh wait. Everyone.

It also comes with a whole new branch of knowledge I wasn’t aware of when playing aimlessly on my friend’s iPhones the last few years. Upon getting the phone, I must have downloaded 15 apps immediately. I learned a couple short days later there is a storage maximum on all phones. Of course 15 apps didn’t do serious damage; it still made a significant dent in my 16GB iPhone 5. Vine and Instagram were especially draining to my little phone’s storage room. But I mean it’s Instagram and Vine. Priorities people!

So it may not be obvious from previous posts, but considering I was already aware of all the must-have apps before I got the iPhone it may now be apparent that I’m a social media junkie. I totally am. I stopped trying to deny it once I entered the journalism school at the U of M. Suddenly I was surrounded by fellow social media junkies and my love for all things that connected you to others was the norm.

I adore social media now more than ever since it connects me to the family and friends I’m 3000 miles away from. After sending out the text that I had a smartphone and a new number (don’t even get me started on that mess) I was bombarded with instantaneous replies thanks to iMessage, pictures of friend’s excited facial expressions, emojis, and requests to be added on apps. I was getting snapchats from friend’s faces I hadn’t had time to Skype, voxers (essentially walkie-talkie messages) from my mother-in-law I hadn’t heard from in weeks, and pictures/videos of my baby niece in Wyoming that would have previously taken a year to load on my old phone. Corny as it sounds, the iPhone has helped me cope better with being this far from home in just the few short days I’ve had it.

But, I love social media for more than just personal connections. The way technology connects all of us and how businesses can use it to market in the most unique ways is fascinating to me. For example, did you know the Minions from Despicable Me have their own Vine? It is clever, hilarious, and such a simple way to market their movies and memorabilia. Although I’m currently working in the advertising field doing mostly traditional media; new media is where a huge part of my interest in this field rests. Hopefully now that I have my own smartphone, I’ll grow to understand it from a marketing perspective even more.

I could go on for days about everything excited going on with this phone. I’m already brimming with ideas about app reviews and thoughts on specific features, but I should probably get a little more practice in first. I published three blank blog posts using the WordPress app before I resolved to give it a rest and use my computer. Maybe next week.

A glimpse at my last couple days. Just because I have a fancy phone that takes fancy pictures that can be inserted into my fancy blog posts now.



If it’s even slightly warm in this state, I run outside.


photo (1)

On a quest for ice cream last night. It was serious business.

Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
– Arthur C. Clarke

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