I’m Camille/Cami. 25 years young.

Self-proclaimed writer, adventurer, activist and health nut.  

Actual feminist, half-marathon completer, s’mores & donut lover, mountain gawker, not-so-secret beach bum, and professional sweet talker.

 I can also do handstands next to beautiful views. It’s no big deal.


I’m a born and raised Minnesotan. Grew up in a small town and sprinted out the door to the largest city I could still get substantial financial aid when I graduated. I called Minneapolis home for three years while attending the University of Minnesota and I still love that college & city more than words.

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In 2013, a week after I graduated from college, I married the cute boy I’d met on the beach 3 years before. It’s been quite the journey since meeting in Miami, Florida in 2010.  He serves in the military and his career takes us all over the country. Every day with him is an adventure I couldn’t be more thankful for.


After we tied the knot we called Fairbanks, Alaska our home for two years. We made the best of freezing our butts of 9 months out of the year with frequent hiking, skiing, and fishing excursions. We also spent 75% of the year curled up on our couch watching Netflix and drinking wine. The other 25% of the time consisted mostly of this…






After two years in Alaska, we had a permanent change of station to Joint Base Lewis McChord and we now call Washington state home.

This sweet, rainy state has me totally wrapped around its finger.


It’s this state where I’ve realized blonde is my one, true hair color and I should stop experimenting. Where I turned 25 and had a quarter life crisis. Where I decided I want to pursue things I’m truly passionate about and stop forcing myself to do things that don’t bring me joy. Where I realized mountains touch my soul and the ocean waves speak to me, and I’m not sure I could ever live somewhere again that doesn’t include one or the other.

It’s where I call home. For now anyway.

Thanks for stopping by to learn a bit about me! Hope it’s intrigued you enough to follow along on this ride of mine.