A Monday Move Update (plus tips to stay sane)

A Monday Move Update (plus tips to stay sane)
A Monday Move Update (plus tips to stay sane)

I realized yesterday whilst unpacking groceries, planning out dinner and washing off the counter now occupied by my toaster, fruit basket, coffee maker, and various other personal items – I have finally reached a state of contentment. It is as if I had made it to the crest of chaos mountain and I have been on my way back down to routine and calm. I just hadn’t realized my strides were getting easier and more enjoyable.

Having all our personal items in our home – especially our big, comfy non air mattress bed – has been life changing. I no longer feel like I am a guest in someone’s abandon house. My house is becoming a home.

I have also had the opportunity to explore our neighborhood and I ADORE it. I am about a 10 minute walk from the most adorable downtown filled with shops and restaurants and bars and parks. I already have a cute little frozen yogurt place I frequent. I’ve also been to Dairy Queen three times in 3 weeks but that’s unrelated.

My body and mind can definitely tell I am in a better place. My skin has cleared from the ferocious breakout the road trip and living in a hotel had caused. My weight has dropped a couple pounds since I have been able to eat GREEN THINGS and run or walk nearly every day. My chest no longer feels like it is caving in on itself from anxiety regarding money and uncertainty.

Besides big things coming together, there having been a lot of little things keeping me sane. Moving? Experiencing some other big, life-shaking change? Here’s a list of things to help you and I remain calm:

  1. Homemade dinners. Don’t underestimate the power of a dinner you make from scratch and consume instead of fatty, carbohydrate filled take out. This killer Riccota Stuffed Chicken was fun to make and (mostly) healthy to eat. These Broccoli Cheddar Quinoa Bites were equally fantastic to make/eat.IMG_2156
  2. The new views. Not just the quaint little street we live on or the downtown just a short walk away, but the view right out our bedroom window. I walk over to this spot a few times a day to remind myself we finally live where we’ve been dreaming of and even the low points I should be thankful for.IMG_2100
  3. Dinner with a friend I’ve known for years and had yet to meet in person, drinks with a cousin I’d lost touch with since middle school, or even a DQ date with my husband after dinner. Even when money is tight, make time to treat yo’ self.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

4. Inspiring words from Pinterest or Tumblr. I have internally recited this quote at least 100 times since leaving Fairbanks:

FullSizeRender (12)5. Painted nails
6. Inexpensive interior decorating
7. Phone calls with my mom and sisters
8. Time spent in the sunshine
9. Running and/or long walks
10. Blogging

Getting a new routine in a new place is always hard. My freshman year of college I coped with partying, in Alaska I coped with a healthy mix of tears and humor, and this time around I have this tried and true list. Moving is messy. I’m thankful to (mostly) be on the other side of the mess today.

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