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A letter to my almost-born niece

A letter to my almost-born niece

Dear M,

I can’t believe you’re almost here. When I mean I can’t believe it, I should clarify that I have been waiting my whole life for you. I’ve always been the baby of our family and although I love my big sisters (your mommy!) with all my heart, I have anxiously waited until there was a little person in my life that I could help take care of, teach how to do things, spend time with, and love to pieces. And that my dear, is you.

You should know a couple things about our family before you join:

– We are crazy
– We are loud, whether it’s to get our points across or because we’re roaring with laughter
– Hunting is required (Papa will make sure of it, yes even though you’re a girl)
– We love deeply

You are going to be a very loved baby. You will be spoiled. You will be wrapped around all our fingers. But I’m sure you already know all that.

My wish for you, as your auntie, is that you grow into a strong, intelligent, independent woman. You won’t have much trouble doing that. You already have a perfect example raising you. I’ll try to be around as much as possible, and even though I probably will move away, I hope you know how excited I am to watch you grow via skype, texts, phone calls, and Facebook. You never know, I might be back someday to go to all your hockey games (sorry, your daddy says that’s required too) and maybe a dance recital or two. I secretly hope you’re extra girly just like your mom when she was little.

I love words, so I’ll leave you little niece with a quote that even I am still working on embracing.

“This is about my someday niece already stung, stained with insecurity, begging, ‘Auntie, will I be pretty?’ I will wipe that question from your mouth like cheap lipstick and answer, ‘No, the word “pretty” is unworthy of everything you will be, and no niece of mine will be contained in five letters. You will be pretty intelligent, pretty creative, pretty amazing, but, you will never be merely pretty.’

– Katie Makkai


Auntie Cami (the favorite)

p.s. Come soon! We are all getting anxious!

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