I intend to make a bucket list every place we move, and I currently have one for Alaska here. But I decided outside of just “location specific bucket list” items, I want to make a list of to-do’s for the next FIVE years! I turned 23 this weekend, so this is my list of 28 bucket list goals before I turn 28…

  1. Take our honeymoon! April 2016
  2. Go to an NFL football game
  3. Get a passport Dec. 2014
  4. Go to Europe
  5. Visit New York City May 2016
  6. 5 long hikes (Mt. Healy length or longer)
  7. Get a dog
  8. Attend a Broadway play May 2016
  9. Visit Miami, AGAIN
  10. Harry Potter World October 2016
  11. Run a half marathon July 2016
  12. Run 5 5K’s 2015
  13. Keep a plant alive (No, I’m not kidding) Summer 2015
  14. Join a yoga place November 2016 (cheating a bit – it’s a yoga/strength training women’s gym)
  15. Learn to play an instrument
  16. Read at least 12 books a year (60 total!)
  17. Get my braces off & paid for! Dec. 2014
  18. Get a job working in the public/government sector
  19. Have one volunteer position at each place I live
  20. Join Crossfit and try it for at least a year 2014
  21. Try surfing October 2015
  22. Buy a DSLR/Fancy point & shoot camera to capture our memories Sept. 2014
  23. Ski in Colorado January 2016
  24. Go to a music festival Sept. 2015
  25. Go rock climbing July 2016
  26. Learn how to decorate AND actually decorate the next place we live 2016
  27. Have complete & total self-control when it comes to food I.E. Reach the point where I prefer health food to sweets!
  28. Finish a novel (not publish, not even try to publish, just FINISH one of my million ideas)