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2017. In Review.

2017. In Review.
2017. In Review.


On January 3rd of 2017, I said goodbye to my husband for 8 months. I drove him to Joint Base Lewis McChord at 2am, bid him off without a single tear, and then proceeded to spend the entire day crying in bed while working from home. I gave myself the day to mope, but made a promise that by the next morning – I had to move forward. Slowly, of course. But I had to get up and go to Seattle for work and tackle life head on. I found a quote before I fell asleep that night (a thing I do during tough moments in my life):


“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” – Zora Neale Houston


As 2017 nears an end, I can’t help but reflect on those words. I assumed this year would be me asking a million questions and just anxiously awaiting answers that wouldn’t come – “Will he make it home safely?” “Will I make it through this with my sanity?” “Can I survive this draining job without someone to lean on and vent to each night?” “Is the military in our future, or will we be moving to a new stage of our live?” “Will I still be calling Washington home by the close of 2017?” etc.


The thing is? All my questions were answered. And waiting to hear those answers wasn’t half as difficult as I imagined it would be.


He left…and two weeks later I was flying to Austin, Texas with two of my best friends for a girl’s weekend. A couple weeks after that a close college friend was in town for a long weekend. Then it was Mexico with girlfriends in early March. Omaha to visit a friend from Alaska. Minnesota for 9 days with family at the end of April. Alabama for a beachy weekend with my in-laws over Memorial Day. Laguna Beach in late June. A road trip with my bestie all over the Pacific Northwest for the Fourth of July. Victoria, Canada for a birthday celebration. Another amazing college friend came for a visit. Landed a new job in August (that challenges me, allows me to work in leggings, and keeps me travelling just enough to appreciate home!). And finally, between jobs, I finished off the summer road tripping around Iceland for 10 days with college besties.


Then suddenly, he was home.


The night prior to my 26th birthday. Safe and sound. The answer to my biggest question of all answered in a single moment of blurred tears and the tightest hug of my life as our nation’s flag proudly hung over our reunion. And every minute since he’s been home has been some of the best memories in our marriage yet. It’s included 8 magical days in Hawai’i, a couple of gorgeous hikes, a weekend on the Olympic Peninsula, Thanksgiving with family, and so many quiet, reflective moments not worth a blog post but worth a million words in a squeezed hand or a kiss or an “I love you”. We get to end the year in Washington together. We know what’s next for us in 2018 (more on that soon 😉).  


I may not have fulfilled any of my New Year’s resolutions on health and fitness…

  • The Whole30 turned into the Whole12 in January.
  • I missed working out for entire weeks here and there thanks to travel.
  • I enjoyed plentiful amounts of cocktails, the happy hour fries from RN74 in Downtown, pints of Halo Top, Fred Meyer sushi (don’t knock it til you try it!), etc.


But what I gained (regardless of a little weight) in memories with friends and family, in precious moments with my husband, in patience and strength in my relationship, in independence as I traveled to new countries and places, in empowerment when I fixed things like the broken lawn mower ON MY OWN, and finally in answers to some of life’s toughest questions was far, far more valuable.


Maybe the quote – for me, specifically – should really be,

“There are tough moments that ask tough questions, but stay busy and hopeful. Work hard and have patience. You’ll get your answers.”


I have questions for 2018. Little logistical questions that give me brief waves of uncertainty and BIG questions that could keep me up at night if I allow them to. But after 2017, I have a good feeling they’ll all be answered. I’m even encouraging myself to dwell on the question of “Should I slow down more often?”. Although I think I may know the answer to that one already…

I post a lot of beautiful views in my blog posts. Here are some* of the beautiful people who helped me forget the questions I had this year, and instead helped me to focus on the moments.


*SOME being the operative word! All sorts of amazing people (my mama, for starters!) are absent from this quick photo dump


It may not be the end of the year quite yet, but this one was too near and dear to my heart to forget to share.

Happy holidays, all. Hope the next two weeks are as beautiful for you as this year was for me!

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