What I like best about ringing in the new year is how clean and limitless it feels. 2014 marks a new chapter with blank pages just waiting to be written. There’s no scribbles or scratch outs. No giant bold font with exclamations or smiley faces galore. No large describing words or cuss words. The pages are clean. White. Ready. Today I will start writing on them.

What do I want this chapter to say? When I look back from next New Years, what do I want to find?

Of course finding a more fit, diligently healthy girl would be nice. My fitness goals are important, but there are so many things more important than physical looks. The resolution I want to make my top priority this year is: to be optimistic.

I am not an optimistic person. I get discouraged easily and at 22 I have a tendency to have thoughts of despair when it comes to this grand life of ours and I’m simply tired of it. I’m tired of seeing the cup half empty. I’m tired of my incessant complaining about the weather and the darkness. I’m even tired of the fact that I get frustrated at myself for my pessimism.

In 2014 I want to see the world through child like eyes. I also want to see it through the eyes of a young woman who recognizes how amazing every aspect of our great earth is. I want to find beauty in crisp snow, in harrowing temperatures that bring the most gorgeous sunrises, and in a darkness that simply wishes it could have more sun but has to respect the tilt of the earth is not in its favor. It’s a tough job to be on top of the world but somebody had to do it. I want my attitude in 2014 to be on top of the world. There’s always room for sarcasm and laughter, but instead of complaining about the distance from family – thank God for this opportunity. Instead of wishing I had a washer and dryer directly in our apartment, go to the laundry mat with an upbeat demeanor. Instead of feeling miserable about that second cookie, savor every last bite. Our time could be up at any moment. There is no telling when a set of words will be my last goodbye to someone. I want to create such an optimistic, positive persona – that I will have no regrets when that day comes.

If I can accomplish this by the end of 2014, any of my other fitness or habit breaking resolutions I don’t fully achieve won’t matter. I’ll be far too optimistic to let it bring me down.

I rang in the New Year in a completely different way than I have since high school. No parties. No same group of friends. Just my husband, one of his battle buddies from work, his wife, and their two husky puppies. We played video games, cards against humanity, and drank champagne. It was bittersweet to see my friends out and about on social media, but it was also really nice to just be in comfy clothes with no make up on bringing in the new year calmly. I doubt this will happen again for quite some time considering what 2014 holds, so I decided to enjoy the calm for now.

Hope you like my fancy New Years attire. I’d like to say that’s not a foreshadowing of my fashion throughout the year but knowing me and this being Fairbanks…it’s definitely plausible.


“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”

– Abraham Lincoln

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