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On why I’m a feminist


– Because people still consider feminist a “dirty word”
– Because we need to get rid of the stereotypes that surround the extremes of feminism. Feminists support equality of ALL women, whether that means they want to be the CEO of a company, a sniper in the military, a teacher, or raise their children at home.
– Because women deserve equal representation in the media
Because women ARE equal to men in the workforce and they deserve to see that equality in their wages
– Because rape culture still exists
– Because both men and women still slut-shame
– Because this:


– Because people still believe they can make decisions for other women & their bodies
– Because a women’s worth isn’t tied to her appearance
– Because I want to have a career & a family
– Because I want my two beautiful nieces and any future daughter(s) to be raised in a future of equality, acceptance, and encouragement no matter what they grow up and decide to become

– Because “When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a bitch.”

– Bette Davis

Senior Projects & Sweet Potatoes

Since public health communication theories are making my eyes glaze over, I figured I would reward myself with a quick blog post.

Yesterday, I met with my client for my senior capstone project. She’s the owner of a U-Bake Store just south of the Twin Cities called Gooters Dough To Go. The visit was not only delicious (so many yummy free samples always available in her store!) but extremely productive and relevant to my career. For my project I have to develop a public relations campaign in the form of a plan book for her business. It has to be entirely realistic and usable so besides the grade I get, she can implement it in her store. At first, I was having minor panic attacks. After yesterday’s meeting I realized I can do this, and more importantly, I want to do this. Walking around her store, hearing her struggles and her triumphs, I completely forgot about my grade. I want her business to succeed and I want to be able to provide a plan to help it do so. I breathed a huge sigh of a relief on the way home. I had enjoyed my day, I was eager to begin, and for one of the first times since I picked PR as my major, I was confident in my abilities and decision.


It was a long struggle to decide what career would be best for me. I finally came to realization at the end of my freshman year of college that many careers would probably bring me happiness, but I had to choose one. I’m thankful fate and research led me into PR. A simple moment like assisting my “first” client and realizing I was eager and enjoying myself was really all it took. The 40 responses within 24 hours to the survey I sent to a list of her customers wasn’t half bad for my ego either. Who knew primary research could actually be enjoyable?

Outside of school/career life, I have been cooking avidly lately. I’ve always loved food, but since the beginning of the semester I have been challenging myself to cook new, healthy meals every week and I’ve been falling more and more in love.

Tonight’s dinner for example?


Homemade chicken nuggets, a pecan/poppy seed dressing salad, and (not pictured because of my poor timing skills) sweet potato fries. Seriously so, SO good. I suggest poppy seed dressing for anyone who isn’t a big fan of salad. I don’t like Ranch or French dressing, and Italian leaves too much of the leafy taste lingering but Poppy-seed dressing hits the spot.

Yes, I realize I need a phone that has better than a 2MP camera. As soon as my ship comes in.

When did you know your career choice was the right one? Any good sweet potato recipes out there? I have 3 huge ones left after making the fries.

“Sounds like life.”

School. Graduation. Job searching. Wedding planning. Maid of Honor Duties. Eating right. Working out. Trips to see my fiance. Spending time with family. Spending time with friends. The list goes on, and on, and on. I keep telling myself I don’t have any time to blog or focus on leisurely writing because I have too much going on. “I’ll do it when life slows down,” I say. 

But does life ever really slow down? 

I recently sent my mom an e-mail with pretty much everything in the above list, but spread out over a week with specific times and events. The closing part of my e-mail was something along the lines of, “I AM SO RIDICULOUSLY BUSY. HOW CAN I HANDLE THIS. IT’S TOO MUCH. THIS IS OVERWHELMING. ETC ETC ETC.” 


To which my mother replied, “Sounds like life.” 

I gaped at her response in disbelief. No compassion at all? Who else did she know planning a wedding and trying to graduate and moving 3000 miles away all in the course of 2-3 months? I went to reply in defense mode determined to prove to her how bad I had it when I realized something kind of important…

I am loved & blessed enough to be getting married. I’ve worked hard enough to earn a college degree. I have the amazing opportunity to move to the state of Alaska for an unknown amount of time. 

Why am I complaining? 

Yes, life is chaotic right now but that chaos is incredibly beautiful. I welcomed my second niece this week. Both of my older sisters have had beautiful baby girls in the past four months and I couldn’t be more proud to be their Auntie. I am working hard to complete my senior project and final semester courses so I can become an Alum of the University of Minnesota. I am planning a gorgeous, intimate wedding with my closest family and friends. Not only that, but I am helping my sister plan hers shortly after. I have gotten more involved in my health and fitness than ever before and I’m proud to say this is the best I’ve ever felt. I’m learning how to cook healthy meals & exercise the right way to get the most benefits. 

I could wait to write about all of this when life “slows down”. I’m sure once I’m married, moved to Alaska, getting settled in a new home, and starting a full time big-kid job my life will be so “slow”. Ha. I’ll be living in ALASKA. I can only hope to be taking outdoor adventures every single weekend, working my butt off at my new job, cooking up some mean health meals, staying fit, and falling more in love with the man I’m spending the rest of my life with. 

“Sounds like life,” my mother says.

Yeah, yeah it does. I think I’ll start penciling in “writing for leisure” into all the rest of that incredibly amazing life stuff. 

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