10 reasons you should not get out of bed this morning

10 reasons you should not get out of bed this morning

I have been reading a lot of Thought Catalog lately, and it is quickly becoming my favorite thing to do with down time at work. Save for some of the particularly explicit articles that I usually try to scroll over as quickly as possible. Their thoughts with lists are my favorite, and tend to leave me in a state of painful laughter that can’t escape because I have a co-worker sitting behind me…actually working. But in honor of my new found past time, I decided to try out one of my own.

1) It’s raining. You can’t “enjoy the day” as my mother would say when throwing open my door and pulling up my shades all through junior high and high school. You also can’t get to work mowing the lawn, or doing any practical yard work as my father would insist. It is the perfect kind of morning to open your window just a bit and listen to the rain while you lay back down.

2) You were skyping your boyfriend until 5 in the morning. Long distance relationships across time zones require mornings not getting out of bed. It’s the perfect excuse to be a bum, and it means a great night was had reconnecting with the boyfriend after a busy week.

3) The above does not apply, you were actually getting drunk last night. If your story doesn’t quite line up with mine and you were instead downing drinks all night at a party or a bar, than you definitely have an excuse to throw a blanket over your head (maybe after you grab water and a tylenol?) and not get up.

4) Prime time to Facecreep. Self explanatory, and if you’re judging me – stop. We all know you do it to. You’ve been busy with working and friends all week so why not take a little time out of your busy schedule to scroll the Facebook feed and see what that-one-girl-from-high-school is doing this weekend or how many baby bump photos were added this week.

5) You need to finish that movie you fell asleep to Wednesday night. You know the one that you were all excited about watching for the first time in a long time but then you didn’t even have the energy to stay up long enough to finish it? The highly underrated Family Stone was my pick. I, of course, conked out mid that extremely awkward dinner involving Sarah Jessica Parker. If you’re clueless to what I’m referring to, then you should probably just go find it on Netflix and watch.

6) Time to break out the book. It’s still at the same chapter you left it at last Saturday morning and it’s begging to be read. Books need love to.

7) You should call your mom, or your sister, or your grandma. It’s a feel good task that doesn’t require changing out of pajamas or going anywhere. You know it’s been too long since you talked to any of them and they’re probably enjoying their Saturday mornings in similar fashions. Plus, they’re more likely to pick up the phone when you actually need them (work crisis requiring some serious venting anyone?) if you call to chat.

8) You timeYou should throw on your favorite tunes – I’m partial to my Mat Kearney playlist on Spotify or Mat Kearney station on Pandora – and take some time to think. Think about the past week. Think about the next. Pretend you’re in the shower, without the actually having to move part, and think about deep things, life goals, the next step. A calm, rainy morning without plans is the perfect setting for some serious reflection

9) More sleepYeah, yeah you already got your required seven to eight hours but who cares? How often do you get to look at the clock and not have a mini heart attack over how late you are. Stretch back, close those eyes and soak in another hour or two.

10) Because you can. It’s the first morning, in you can’t even remember how long, that you have no previous responsibilities and nothing to get ready for before noon. So go ahead, lay back down and relax. You deserve it.

“Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.”

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